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Drip irrigation kits and systems
USD 90
  • harare west

10 lines by 50m= $90 20 lines by 50m= $185 30 lines by 50m= $285 40 lines by 50m= $385 50 l…

Sheep Dorpers- Rams, ewes & maiden ewes for sale
USD 350
  • harare west

Sheep Dorpers- Rams, ewes & maiden ewes for sale. Start your project with focus. High quality s…

Maize Sheller
USD 4,000
  • banket

IMCO Maize Sheller available for sale.Call or watsapp for quotation inquiries.

600Ltr Tractor Mounted Boom Sprayer
USD 3,500
  • harare cbd

Tractor mounted and trailer type boom sprayer developed to meet the different requirements of p…

USD 7.80
  • harare east

Vegetable humic and fulvic acid. Total Humic Extract (150gr/kg). Please call Greencon to find o…

Micro Jet Sprays
USD 0.80
  • harare east

Gulf microjet sprinklers 0.45m high 3.5m radius

Maize seed SC 529 10kgs
USD 28.90
  • harare west

134 days to maturity up to 11 tons Early maturing hybrids SC 529 is a white dent early matu…

Case tractor 80HP 4WD
USD 17,000
  • banket

Case tractor 80HP 4WD available for sale. 4331 Hours done.

Maize seed SC 727 50 000 kernels
USD 86.16
  • harare west

160 days to maturity up to 18 tons plus more yields per hectare Late maturity hybrid A tall…

144 Eggs Hatch Incubator
USD 140
  • harare cbd

144egg capacity incubator solar powered incubator.Price in usd.

Diesel generators
USD 1,800
  • chinhoyi

Changchai diesel generators from 12 kw.

3 Tine Ripper
USD 2,200
  • banket

Bain 3 Tine Ripper also available.Contact Anymore for inquiries.

Brahman bulling heifers for sale
USD 1,100
  • harare west

Brahman bulling heifers for sale. These are high quality bulling heifers. Prices are in USD and…

Infrared Lamps 125W
  • harare east

Keep your chicks warm with Infra-Red heating. An infra-red bulb is more efficient than a white …

Seed Cleaner
USD 9,000
  • banket

Dichwe seed cleaner for sale working with auger new belts.

2-Disc Diesel Hand-Held Ploughs
USD 2,000
  • harare east

2-Disc Diesel Hand-Held Ploughs Price $2000 usd

Maize seed SC 627 10kgs
USD 29.90
  • harare west

144 days to maturity up to 10 tons per hectare Medium maturing hybrids SC 627 is a white, s…

Maize seed SC 719 10kgs
USD 42.10
  • harare west

158 days to maturity up to 16 tons Late maturing hybrid SC 719 is a late maturing, semi-den…

Cold Rooms
USD 1,000
incl. VAT
  • harare north

Cold Rooms, Freezer Rooms, supplied and installed as per customers requirements.