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Milk Bar 10 Calf Feeder
  • Harare North

Milk Bar calf feeders for dairy calves: Milk Bar's specially-designed nipples feed calves the natural way! Calves fed by Milk Bar nipples generate saliva which is essential for dig...

Stainless steel Double Pot Wash Sink.Mild steel painted frame
  • New
  • Harare South

1.2mmx2200mmx610mm Stainless steel Double Pot Wash Sink.Mild steel painted frame. Ideal for commercial kitchens and institutions. Made to order. Factory price guide $1322.32. Bond...

Maize seed SC 529 2kgs
  • Harare West

134 days to maturity up to 11 tons per hectare Early maturing hybrid SC 529 is a white dent early maturity hybrid with a very good tolerance to Grey Leaf Spot and very high yie...

Telescopic ladder
  • New
  • Harare CBD

3.2m adjustable ladder . Brand new boxed . Can take weight up to 150 kg . Call /Whatsapp .

Maize seed SC 637 5kgs
  • Harare West

148 days to maturity up to 13 tonnes per hectare This white semi-flint, medium maturing maize hybrid offers higher yields of 13% and 19% over SC 709 and SC 627, respectively. Ha...

Christmas Promotion Inverter Sale
  • Harare East

Su-Kam Pure Sine wave Inverter 550VA/12V available with transfer,cash,swipe

Maize seed SC 727 2kgs
  • Harare West

160 days to maturity up to 18 tons per hectare Late maturing hybrids The highest yielder is SC727 a late maturing variety yielding between 12 and 18 t/ha, making it the highest...

Maize seed SC 403 5kgs
  • Harare West

127 days to maturity Very early maturing hybrids SC 403 is a very early white maize streak and mottle viruses tolerant hybrid, with a relatively short, flinty ear and excellent...

Battery Backpack Sprayer
  • New
  • Harare South

The sprayer is widely used for pesticide control in gardens and orchards as well as environmental sanitization and epidemic prevention of pests in public, hotels,stations and feedi...

Incubators for sale
  • Harare CBD

Incubators from $140 72 Egg Capacity- 15000 Egg Capacity

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Easy chair without arms
  • New
  • Harare CBD

Easy Chair Without Arms. Fabric / PVC (1 Year Warranty)

Hard hats
  • Harare CBD

Safety helmets all colours Free delivery EMAIL

John Deere 2850 tractor
  • Used
  • Harare CBD

John Deere 2850 tractor. 4x4 wheel drive 90 horsepower one kick New tyres

  • Harare CBD

Heavy and light duty raincoats Phone Free delivery

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Hally School desk
  • Harare South

Hally school desk

Disposable paper plates
  • New
  • Harare CBD

Disposable paper plates. $15 for 50 plates