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computer desk available
  • harare cbd

1500mm x 700mm x 700mm 2 students per desk natural oak melamine finish ,smooth edging cpu h…

Standard office desk

Available in 3 Drawer or 6 Drawer. Available in Metal or Wood

2.6M Reception desk

1126# 2.6M Reception desk. U will get discount if you pay cash .Looking forward to your visit …

Meeting table ma05

NB: price is in USD but we take all forms of payments If you want to know more about our f…

Fsd 0224# Executive desk and bookshelves

Executive Desk 2.8m + 3 Set executive bookshelves

Workstation MC18-42#
  • harare cbd

NB: Price is in USD but we accept any other forms of payment 3909#.If you want to know…

Boardroom table z0809

2.4meter meeting table z0809, size: 2400*1200, 6 sitter, Please note price is subject to chan…

MC-1403#office desk

1.4m desk

6-drawer reception desk with pigeons
  • mutare

6-drawer reception desk with pigeons

Office desk MC19113

New arrival 1.6m office desk

Jx20-H Executive office desk, bookshelf and meeting table combo

Modern and trendy 2,6m executive desk,4m meeting table (8 seater) and 3.6m bookshelf on o…

Meeting table ma03#
  • harare south

ma03# 2.4 metre meeting table, new arrival. size: 2400*1200*760; Please note price is s…

3 drawer straight desk
  • mutare

3 drawer straight desk. Price in USD.

Executive desk mb2521#2.8m

mb2521#2.8meter size: 2800*1200*760 price: 2200 3.2meter size: 3200*1200*760 price :2600 2…

Executive desk 2.8m

NB: Prices are in USD but we accept other forms of payment 1528A# 2.8m executive desk, If …

Office Desk For Sale

1.5m modern desk with modern colours, suitable for home office and work premise. Powder coated …

Cluster Office Desk
  • harare west

Cluster Network Main Desk Unit - 2100mm x 750mm / 600mm x 1200mm,2 Drawer / Lever Arch Desk Hei…

Reception desk # mb-d

new stock arrival...!!!! mb-d# reception. size: 2470*700*1000 please contact with us at shop …

Single pedestal desk 1500 x 800 3 drawer - Melamine - Summer Oak or Mahogany
  • harare north

Single Pedestal Desk 1500 x 800 3 drawer. Also Available in 1200 x 800 3 Drawer. Also Availa…