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L shape Office Desk only
USD 501  |
ZWL 15,042 incl. VAT
  • Harare South

AST101 Office Desk also available with a curved front., Contact or visit us at 19663 Sande Crescent, Graniteside, or 169 Sam Nujuoma, Belgravia, Harare

USD 5  |
ZWL 125 negotiable
  • Harare CBD

Helmets, chemical musk ,dust musk ,clear googles ,welding googles and all safety gloves

Romano Reception Desks
USD 169  |
ZWL 3,887
  • Harare CBD

Romano Coimbra (Cream) Reception Desk. Free CBD delivery. Contact us on for more details

Rotary Slasher 1.2m GD-1
USD 2,300  |
ZWL 59,800
  • Harare North

A Shaktiman sturdy implement which is most suitable for slashing pasture topping and shrubs. It also very well suffices the purpose of maintaining grasslands, road verges and lawn....

chafing dish roll top
USD 210  |
ZWL 3,738
  • Harare CBD

chafing dish roll top

Jacto chemical suit
USD 50  |
ZWL 1,300
  • Harare North

Jacto chemical suit. Price is in USD and RTGS is acceptable

Qally Wallunit Melawood
USD 400  |
ZWL 8,000 incl. VAT
  • Harare South

Qally Design Wallunit Mellawood

USD 650  |
ZWL 16,250

1.8m office desk with a credenza attached

4 row planter Monosem
USD 90,000  |
ZWL 2,070,000
  • Karoi

monosem 4 row planter

James Table ALL SOLD, clients can place orders for new pieces
USD 5,937  |
ZWL 105,679
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

• Refurbished • ALL SOLD

Meat Cutter
USD 1,200  |
ZWL 31,200
  • Harare South

For all your meat cutters, contact us at York Air Conditioners & Refrigeration, look no further, its time to get Comfortable with the right machinery

Rain suits
USD 10  |
ZWL 250 negotiable
  • Harare CBD

Pvc rain suits

Peza Arm-chair - visitor - fabric
USD 150  |
ZWL 3,450 incl. VAT
  • Harare CBD

Peza II Arm-Chair. Blue / Burgundy / Black. (5 YEAR WARRANTY !!)

Chip fryers
USD 100  |
ZWL 1,780 incl. VAT
  • Harare CBD

COMMERCIAL SINGLE 5L $2500.00 1 X 5Lt deep fat chip fryer 220v rating with 2,5kw output Made from stainless steel has a luxurious appearance...

Side hay rake
USD 1,200  |
ZWL 31,200
  • Harare North

Hay Rake is designed to move the mowed windrow across the soil surface or remaining crop stubble, creating a narrower windrow that will dry more rapidly. Priced in USD. RTGS is acc...

1 to 5 seater reception bench
USD 166  |
ZWL 4,150 excl. VAT
  • Harare West

1 to 5 seater reception bench. We also have in stock reception benches with arms

Kutsaga 242 cell floattrays
USD 16  |
ZWL 288
  • Harare South

The TRB has a modern factory that produces floating trays. The Board produces 242, 200 and 128 cell trays for tobacco, horticultural and Eucalyptus seedlings respectively.

Kutsaga Seedlings (price per hectare)
USD 2,388  |
ZWL 42,506
  • Harare South

Tobacco seedlings are produced under expert supervision using the environmentally friendly float system. The seedlings have intact root system at pulling enhancing their ability to...

Liquid NPK Gold Blend
USD 34  |
ZWL 605 per litre
  • Harare CBD

Liquid NPK Gold Blend All in one Fertilzer which is also a Rich source of Calcium 200ml = $7, 1L = $34

Leather sparts
USD 120  |
ZWL 2,136
  • Harare CBD

Leather sparts Free delivery email