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L shape Office Desk only
USD 501  |
ZWL 15,042 incl. VAT
  • Harare South

AST101 Office Desk also available with a curved front., Contact or visit us at 19663 Sande Crescent, Graniteside, or 169 Sam Nujuoma, Belgravia, Harare

Qally Wallunit Melawood
USD 400  |
ZWL 8,000 incl. VAT
  • Harare South

Qally Design Wallunit Mellawood

Meat Cutter
USD 1,200  |
ZWL 31,200
  • Harare South

For all your meat cutters, contact us at York Air Conditioners & Refrigeration, look no further, its time to get Comfortable with the right machinery

Kutsaga 242 cell floattrays
USD 16  |
ZWL 288
  • Harare South

The TRB has a modern factory that produces floating trays. The Board produces 242, 200 and 128 cell trays for tobacco, horticultural and Eucalyptus seedlings respectively.

Kutsaga Seedlings (price per hectare)
USD 2,388  |
ZWL 42,506
  • Harare South

Tobacco seedlings are produced under expert supervision using the environmentally friendly float system. The seedlings have intact root system at pulling enhancing their ability to...

Stainless Steel Industrial Kitchen Sink Cabinets
USD 2,382  |
ZWL 42,400
  • New
  • Harare South

Stainless Steel Industrial Kitchen Sink Cabinets. Custom made to suit your Architectural space. We are not limited by size. Factory price guide $2382.00. Price changes as per custo...

Liftmaster highback and lowback
USD 190  |
ZWL 5,693 incl. VAT
  • Harare South

Visit or contact us at our branches in, Graniteside: Email: , or Belgravia: 745645 / 744574. Email: .z...

Jinko Cheetah 390watt Monosolar Panels
USD 169  |
ZWL 4,225 excl. VAT
  • Harare South

Jinko Cheeta 390Watt Monosolar Panels at an introductory price of usd $169.

Kutsaga Gnatbuster
USD 6  |
ZWL 107
  • Harare South

Specially designed for riddance of gnats, whiteflies and other flying insects in the seedbed and greenhouse

Stainless Steel Double Gas/Chip Fryer WITH BASKETS
USD 520  |
ZWL 9,256
  • Harare South

Stainless Steel Double Gas Fryer. Made to order. Factory Price Guide USD$520.00

Diesel Powered Fine Hammer Mill
USD 3,879  |
ZWL 89,217 negotiable
  • Harare South

Capacity: 3-6t/h No. of beaters: 8

Kutsaga Tissue Plantlets-potato minituber
USD 0  |
  • Harare South

Plant tissue culture facilities within Molecular Biology Services Division offer high quality disease-free planting material for the following crops: potatoes, cassava, bananas, su...

Stainless steel Double Pot Wash Sink.Mild steel painted frame
USD 980  |
ZWL 17,444
  • Harare South

1.2mmx2200mmx610mm Stainless steel Double Pot Wash Sink.Mild steel painted frame. Ideal for commercial kitchens and institutions. Made to order. Factory price guide USD$980.00.

Stainless Steel 6 Division Bain Marie with Hot Cupboard
USD 3,200  |
ZWL 56,960
  • Harare South

Stainless Steel 6 Division Bain Marie with Hot Cupboard. Ideal for Institutions. Option of Sneeze Guard Screen. Made to order. Factory price guide $3200.00 USD.

Fine Hammer Mill
USD 3,100  |
ZWL 71,300 negotiable
  • Harare South

SALE IN BOTH ELECTRIC MOTOR AND DIESEL ENGINE UNIQUE DESIGN WITH GOOD QUALITY AND HIGH EFFICIENCY!!! Capacity: 3-6t/h or 5-10t/h Number of beater: 8 or 10 Price: US$3100-6200

Kutsaga floatfert 5 litre
USD 15  |
ZWL 267
  • Harare South

Liquid basal fertilizer used in float seedbed and is available in 5 litre containers . It is suitable for use in tobacco and non tobacco selling production such as tomatoes,onions,...

Glade 360 SL (Glyphosate) herbicide 1 litre
USD 6  |
ZWL 126
  • Harare South

Glade 360 SL is a non selective systemic herbicide, being active ONLY when applied post-emergency to undesired plants.Action is slow-maximum killing effect is only visible from two...

Atari 50 SC (Atrazine) herbicide 20 litre
USD 106  |
ZWL 2,226
  • Harare South

A Pre-emergent and post-emergent selective herbicide for the control of many broad-leaved weeds and some grasses in Maize, Sorghum and Sugarcane

Battery Backpack Sprayer
USD 100  |
ZWL 2,700
  • Harare South

The sprayer is widely used for pesticide control in gardens and orchards as well as environmental sanitization and epidemic prevention of pests in public, hotels,stations and feedi...

40ft High Cube container
USD 3,200  |
ZWL 56,960
  • Harare South

40ft High Cube container 40ft HC container is about 30 cm higher than a standard 40ft container, this means that more and higher goods will fit in.