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Washed River Sand
USD 15
  • Damofalls

Washed River Sand per cubic

3/4 Concrete Stones
USD 25
  • Damofalls

3/4 Concrete Stones per cubic including transport

Common bricks
USD 100
  • Damofalls

Common bricks available (transportation will be negotiated)

Face Bricks
USD 180
  • Damofalls

Semi Face Bricks per thousand

Pitsand (plaster and building sand)
USD 12
  • Damofalls

Pitsand available (transport inclusive)

Double Washed River Sand
USD 10.99
  • Damofalls

Double washed river sand per cubic (stock clearance)

Semi Common Bricks
USD 120
  • Damofalls

Semi common bricks per thousand transport will be negotiable

USD 9.99
  • Damofalls

Gravel per cubic (stock clearance)