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Custom designed awnings available
USD 90
  • harare south

We offer custom made awnings made just the way you want them for you home or office

3/4 Quarry Stones per 20 cubic, Price Includes Transport
USD 600
  • harare west

3/4 Quarry Stones For Sale , Price Includes Transport , $600 per 20Cubic

Hard Common Bricks Palletised
USD 115
  • harare high density

Hard Common Bricks per thousand. Transport included

Galvanised Sheets
USD 23.75
  • harare south

Galvanized sheets 2450x1225×[email protected]$23,75 2450x1225x1,[email protected] 2450x1225x2.0mm $73,75

Red Rustics Face bricks
USD 290
  • harare high density

Red Rustics Face bricks

cement common bricks
USD 0.19
  • harare north

cement common bricks$0.19 each,

Plum rustic face brick
USD 380
  • harare west

Plum rustic face brick for sale. USD$380 per 1000 bricks. Transport is included

Bricks Load Bearing
USD 150
  • harare cbd

Bricks load bearing $150usd per thousand delivered minimum 5000 solid common bricks $130usd p…

Red rustics
USD 320
  • harare west

Red rustics per thousand

USD 11
  • harare north

Gravel Price per cubic metre

Pit sand
USD 10
  • harare west

Pit sand for sale. $10 per cubic metres. Transport loading and off loading is provided at an ad…

Edge trim (Retail & Wholesale)
USD 2.50

Edge trim plastic Z$44. Edge trim aluminium 10 mm Z$55. Edge trim aluminium 12 mm Z$66 We also…

solid Common (red)
USD 135
incl. VAT
  • harare north

Solid common bricks Including delivery

USD 110
  • harare west

Solid common bricks for wall building,is also found in styled bricks that is the face bricks

Pitsand / 20cubic
USD 55
  • harare high density

Pitsand $55/ 20cubic

USD 0.15
  • harare west

For all your driveway, walkway and patio pavers feel free to get in touch with us.

Red Rustics per thousand
USD 350
  • harare cbd

Red rustics @ US$350 per thousand