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15KVA Corporate Solar Systems

Corporate solar systems designed to power up the office. Systems are designed to suit the clien…

5kVA Solar System fix and supply

*5kva Inverter *Lithium ion battery 48v 100ah *6x400watts panels *installation materials *i…

Off grid solar system

We fix and supply complete off grid as well as grid tied systems. For urban and rural set-up..…

15kva Off-grid solar system

Solar Power System installations for clinics

350W Trina SplitMax Solar Panels
  • harare cbd

Comes with 25 years warranty Specifications STC Power Rating (Pmax) :350W PTC Power Rati…

25kva Solar System

Industrial Solar System Installations.

Solar Panels
  • harare west

Solar Panels 330watts $120 260watts $95 200watts $90 150watts $80 100watts $75

330W High Voltage Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Cell Technology, Multi-Crystalline (Poly) Rated power (Pmax), Wp - 320 Max power voltage (Vmp…

Solar panels stand 4m

Solar stand 4m 2 panels $90 4 panels $190 5panels $210

Solar Home System 850va 12v - HEL/FSG Incl Installation / Labour

Solar Home System 850va 12v - HEL/FSG @ US$1000.00 Incl Installation/Labour FREE delivery wi…

Hisence 415liters mirror finish water dispesor $730
  • harare cbd

Hisence mirror finish 415liters $730

370W Split cell Canadian Mono Solar Panel

370W Solar Panel Monocrystalline 144 cell

solar pannels

all weather 330watts solar pannel supply and fix

other 5KVA Solar System

System designed to power up two refrigerators, entertainment, borehole pump (1hp) and even wash…

Solar Home System 3kva 24v - HELF Plus/FSL1 Incl Installation

Solar Home System 3kva 24v - HELF Plus/FSL1 @ US$2300.00 Incl Installation/Labour FREE deliv…

Solar panel 350w

Brand new boxed solar panel 350w mono . Call or WhatsApp .

Solar Borehole Pump Installation

#Solar Pump# Solar Panels, Solar Stand, weatherproof box, PUMP Installation & control box, gar…

Solar System Installations
  • harare north

$900 1Kva Solar System *Price depends on location from Harare CBD and nature of work to be do…

320watt 75v Solar Panel

High voltage solar panels ideal for solar pumping system 300watt 75v $160 USD Polycrystalline…

375W Canadian Monocrystalline Splitcell Solar Panels
  • harare cbd

Canadian Solar Panels are considered one of the best top ten brand of solar panels. Canadian So…