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Wall Demolishing in Harare
  • harare south

Wall Demolishing in Harare We break walls, brick walls, concrete walls and any type of demolis…

  • harare west

Interior and Exterior decor services.

Wooden Flooring
  • harare north

We give you all types of wooden floor solutions that suit your taste and need. We do fix and su…

Wooden & Laminate floor installations & repairs
  • harare north

We do repairs, fix and supply of all wooden floors.

Green House Kits (DIY)
  • harare south

We supply prefabricated greenhouse kits call us today for a free quote.

Flooring services
  • ruwa

We can help you put your preferred concrete floors for your home or business. Contact us and we…

Steel Bending and Cutting
  • harare south

Our bending costs vary according to the tonnage per Kg. We do all types of bending and cutting …

Drone Aerial Building Surveys
  • harare south

We are specialists in high-level aerial building surveys of towers, roofs,industrial sites, chi…

B/ Truck 20000 per hour
USD 120
  • harare north

B/ Truck 20000 litres $120/ hour

Grader machine
USD 140
  • harare north

Grader machine$140/ Hour,

Harare Rock and stone Blasting

Harare Rock and stone Blasting stone blasting concrete breaking hard surface breaking sand…

Aluminium Doors & Windows Installation and Renovations
USD 20
  • harare cbd

•Aluminium Doors and Windows •Glazing •Screen Doors •Welding And Burglar Steel Bars …

Carpet Removal / Fitting and Restretching
  • harare west

For all carpeting work do not hesitate to call us be it : Carpet Removal, Carpet Fitting and/…

Water Feature: Pond, Water Fall, Land Scapping
  • harare cbd

This is a unique custom-made pool, pond, waterfall, stream & cascade that has all the natural e…

roof leaks treatment and deck proofing
  • harare east

For roof leaks treatment and deck proofing, we are here to help.

Stone Breaking in Harare
  • harare south

Stone Breaking in Harare Hard rock and stone blasting in Harare, we break all types of stones,…

10 000 L water Tank Delivered
USD 845
  • harare south

10 000 L water Tank Delivered

Bathroom Enameling
USD 70
  • harare west

For the best bathtub re enameling and repairs services. We have done for corporates, realtors a…

Painting works
  • harare west

We have a master team of exquisite painters,waiting to roll brushes on your surface,contact us …

Palisade fencing, Sliding Gates, Ballustrades, Awning & Floor Tilling
  • harare cbd

Sliding gates & palisades, Quality Awning & Ballustrades , Precise Tilling. @Precision touch. W…