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Mutare Borehole Drilling, Casing and Pump Installation
USD 1,700
incl. VAT
  • harare east

Mutare Borehole Drilling & Installation Prices. STAGE 1- Borehole siting(Water Finding) --$…

Lakeshore borehole drilling
USD 1,050
incl. VAT
  • harare east

We specialize in borehole siting, drilling, electric pump installations, solar pump installatio…

Blast hole drilling
  • harare cbd

Blast Hole drilling uses track driven rigs to drill blast holes, a hole which an explosive char…

Borehole Deepening
USD 30
per metre
  • ruwa

Deepening extra metres are charged $30 per metre

borehole drilling and installations
USD 1,050
incl. VAT
  • harare east

We offer siting, drilling, electric pump installations, solar pump installations, tank installa…

Well Drilling in Harare
  • harare south

Urban well drilling, well sinking, well pump installation, Breaking of stones in wells

Borehole drilling
  • harare cbd

Drilling is done in Harare and throughout Zimbabwe. We have the versatility of having both truc…

Booster pump installation caged and slab
USD 280
  • harare south

Our team offers water booster pump installation in your home, whether you're on well water or h…

Irrigation installations home and farms
  • harare west

For all your irrigation installations home and farms, contact us at Paradise Gardens

IBR Chromadeck sheets
USD 7.50
  • harare north

IBR sheets 0.3mm $5.50 per meter 0.4mm $7.50 per meter

Borehole Drilling 40m
USD 1,300
  • harare cbd

Borehole Drilling 40m Harare. Outside Harare enquire for quotation

Skylake Borehole Drilling
USD 1,400
  • harare east

Harare Borehole Drilling & Installation Prices . We Also Do Provide Our Service Nationwide S…

Tank stand 5m , water tank and installation package
USD 980
  • harare south

tank installation with 5000 litres IDS water tank. We do variety tank stand installations start…

Water surveying
USD 90
  • harare west

Water surveying $90.00

Pressure tanks
  • harare south

We sell and install pressure and booster pump cages. Please call for more details regarding you…

Borehole Drilling Services
USD 1,500
  • harare cbd

Borehole Drilling Services After the water survey has taken place, the borehole drilling can p…

Borehole Electrical Supplies
  • harare cbd

We offer all borehole electrical supplies. ..contact us for a quotation