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PMB Walling and Engineering for all your Precast Durawalls, buildings, electric gates, Razor wire and burglar Bars

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Electric Gate Motors

PMB is a one stop security shop. We offer electric gates, gate motors, fencing, razor fencing, …

Durawall: plain precast wall
  • New

PMB Walling - Plain Precast Wall Available in various heights from 1,8m, 2.1m, 2,4m up to 3.0…

Diamond Mesh Fencing

PMB offer numerous security solutions. Our Diamond Mesh Fencing is 1.200m high and is $26.39 pe…

Electric fence
  • New

We do all types of electric fence. From 5-8 strand wall top up to 20 strand free strand electri…

Swimming pool fencing
per metre
  • New

Available in 6 and 8 mm round bar. Sections are 1.5m wide and 1.2m high. Stays are 32mm tubin…

Diamond durawall precast wall
  • New

PMB Walling - Dimond Precast Wall Available in various heights from 1,8m, 2.1m, 2,4m up to 3.…

Durawall: precast wall extensions
  • New

PMB Walling - Precast Wall Extensions 0.300mm or 0.600mm Free quotations and site visits up…

Electric gate
  • New

Electric gates of all sizes. Using the Centurion D5 motor for the sliding gates and the Centuri…

Razor wire
per metre
  • New

Available as the popular 450mm Concertina razor wire. Also available in 900mm Concertina and …

Durawall: precast workers accommodation with apex

PMB Walling Precast Workers Accommodation With Apex Roof Also available with mono pitch roof i…

Durawall: extension with mono pitch roof

Prefabricated Extension With Mono Pitch Roof Being Used As A Reception Various sizes & designs…

Panel protection

Panel protection for all precast walls. Using braided wire and secured insulators. Energized an…

Durawall: Precast Garden Shed With Mono Pitch Roof

PMB Walling - Precast Garden Shed With Mono Pitch Roof Available in various sizes & designs. …

Prefabricated triple garage with laziman doors

PMB Walling - Precast Triple Garage With Lazyman Doors & Apex Roof Also available in single & …

Precast school with mono pitch roof

PMB Walling - Precast School With Mono Pitch Roof A cost effective way of building much needed…

Durawall: prefabricated rural accommodation block

PMB Walling- Prefabricated Rural Accommodation Block With Veranda & Mono Pitch Roof Available …

Durawall: prefabricated customised cottage

PMB Walling- Precast Customised Cottage With Apex Roof Available in a verity of sizes, designs…

Prefabricated lake side lodge

PMB Walling - Precast Lake Side Lodge With Mono Pitch Roof Also available in various sizes and…

Wall top spikes

All types of metal wall top spikes. Free site visits on request

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