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Office Furniture and Cabinets
  • Ruwa

Customized exclusive office furniture, business furniture for professional people.

  • Harare West

We paint any wall, be it churches ,houses,hospitalls ,tall buildings. Anywhere in Africa.We have experienced painters ready waiting with a brush.Contact us for a favourable quote t...

Shades, Ballustrades & Floor Tilling
  • Harare CBD

Quality Shades,Superb Ballustrades & Precise Tile finishings by Precision Touch. We do what we know best..

Carpet Removal / Fitting and Restretching
  • Harare West

For all carpeting work do not hesitate to call us be it : Carpet Removal, Carpet Fitting and/or Carpet Restretching to flatten the bumps and ridges to give it an even floor lay...

Heavy duty hangers
  • Chitungwiza

Heavy duty hangers

Roof Maintenance
  • Harare CBD

ROOF MAINTENANCE Our Roofing maintenance Services Include: Roof inspection Replacement of missing tiles, shacks & shingles Removing debris Sealing Repainting tiles

Steel fixing
  • Harare South

We do all types of on-site and off-site steel fixing solutions to suit your needs and quality. The prices vary from the type and area size. We also include reading schedules, plans...

Steel Bending and Cutting
  • Harare South

Our bending costs vary according to the tonnage per Kg. We do all types of bending and cutting solutions to suit your needs and quality. The prices vary from the type and area size...

Z$ 115,600
Cypress pool
  • Harare North

We do all yr types of pools. Hurry summer tymm.

Granite Services
  • Ruwa

For all you granite solutions contact us. We do customized granite tombstones, fire places, kitchens, bath room vanity units, counter tops, staircases and window sills. Pay less, g...

Painting Worx and Waterproofing
  • Harare East

Painting Worx and Waterproofing We offer *Flat roof torch on water proofing * Band Wall Painting *Residential painting * Roof Painting * New Construction Painting * Old Building R...

Z$ 680
Roof leaks & ceiling repairs
  • Harare West

Do not let a roof leak ruin your ceiling get it fixed. Rhinoboard ceilings generally have a life span of 20 years. Wood ceiings are forever there are only affected by moisture and...

Harare Rock and stone Blasting

Harare Rock and stone Blasting stone blasting concrete breaking hard surface breaking sand blasting slab breaking concrete demolishing stone melting residential, roads, co...

Z$ 1,190
Bath Enamelling
  • Harare West

The cost of replacing a bath can run into hundreds of dollars (You will need a builder, a plumber, a tiler and the actual bath tub) The Renovation King has a solution reglazin...

Waste Removal

Harare waste away removal solid waste liquid sludge waste dirty oil removal cesspit waste removal oil separators wastes removal swimming pool dirty water removal

Z$ 765
Front End Loader and backhoe per hour dry rate
  • Harare South

Front End Loader and backhoe per hour dry rate

Z$ 6,800
Car Shades
  • Harare CBD

At this affordable price, you have no worries about getting a quality car shade because we at Aldana Driveways & Projects strive to give our clients the best service possible.