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USD 14,350
  • Harare West

Farmtrac FT60 with 60l fuel tank capacity

Imco Grass Cutter
USD 1,200
  • Karoi

Imco Grass Cutter with gear box

Drip Kits , Solar & AC submerssible pumps
USD 95
  • Harare CBD

LOCKDOWN ESSENTIAL SERVICES!!!! Drip kits and AC pumps 1. Complete drip kits availble for all land size's from 95usd. 2. Drip rolls available , 1500m roll, 0.2mm, 125usd a...

FARMTRAC 6075 (75HP) 4WD
USD 21,500
  • Harare West

Farmtrac 75HP with a warranty of 1500hours.

Drip irrigation drip lines
USD 0.11
per metre
  • Harare East

$0.11/m 1L/hr (8mm) From 1000m to 3000m rolls ex-stock Installation of drip irrigation available

Feed grinding mill
USD 1,300
  • Karoi

Feed grinding mill for sale

Cold Rooms
USD 1,000
incl. VAT
  • Harare North

Cold Rooms, Freezer Rooms, supplied and installed as per customers requirements.

Micro Jet Sprays
  • Harare East

Gulf microjet sprinklers 0.45m high 3.5m radius

Fiat New Holland Tractor
USD 15,000
  • Karoi

Fiat New Holland Tractor 8066

Kenyan bar top hive
USD 30
  • Harare West

Bee hives for beginners Our wooden beehives are custom made, manufactured from solid wood sourced locally. The family of a queen bee and the other worker bees reside in these woo...

Vicon 2 way sprayer
USD 1,200
  • Karoi

Vicon 2 way sprayer

2-Disc Diesel Hand-Held Ploughs
USD 2,000
  • Harare East

2-Disc Diesel Hand-Held Ploughs Price $2000 usd

FARMTRAC 6090 (90HP) 4WD
USD 26,500
  • Harare West

Farmtrac 90HP Power steering with 85 litres fuel tank capacity and towing capacity of 9 tons

528 egg incubator for sale
USD 450
  • Harare West

Proper temperature and humidity setting. Automatic turning. Combo includes hatcher and setter.

USD 3,850
  • Harare West

1.8 Metres Slasher Mower for sale

USD 2,500
  • Harare West

700Litres Vicon Readily available at Gate 4 Harare Showgrounds along Rekayi Tangwena

Tractor loader backhoe for hire
USD 45
per hour
  • Harare North

Tractor loaders are essential pieces of equipment in construction. From loading trucks to transporting material they help make the process more efficient. Price quoted is dry -...