PlusOne Mathematics Grade 7 (New Curriculum) Learner’s Textbook

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PlusOne Mathematics Grade 7 Learner’s Book
Author: Passmore Moyo
This must-read masterpiece textbook masterly captures the aims, objectives, and lofty quality content required by the Updated Curriculum for Zimbabwe and outshine all other mathematics textbooks for primary education owing to the following profound features:
It cultivates knowledge, routine manipulation, understanding, application and problem-solving skills in addition to developing a positive attitude towards the use of technology.
It empower learners to learn mathematical and scientific skills which will enable them to explore their environment for sustainable development.
It inspire learners to make progress in learning.
It helps learners to evolve holistically and showcase a positive attitude towards Mathematics.
It helps learners to acquire and apply mathematical concepts and skills and use them as tools in study, work, leisure and everyday transactions through use of technology.
It helps learners to think and express themselves clearly and logically.
It helps learners to prepare for vocation and further studies in Mathematics and other learning areas.
It helps learners to solve mathematical problems showing steps and necessary information.
It carries various revision exercises per each unit, structured questions and activities that are meant to discover the comprehensive skills of the learners.
Each book is supported by a Teachers Guide

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