PlusOne Agriculture Grade 3 (New Curriculum) Learner’s Textbook

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PlusOne Agriculture Grade 3 Learner’s Book
Author: S.Chamba & A.Madzima

Plus One – Agriculture Grade 3 is a book that captures the aims, objectives and content required by the competency based updated Curriculum for Zimbabwe.

Key features in this book:
It presents information in a simple way which is easy for the learners to understand, from known to unknown.
At the beginning of each unit there is a glossary of words.
It presents pictures that demonstrate different concepts to enhance understanding.
Provides practical activities that seeks to engage learners through participatory learning.
It teaches relevant skills that progresses towards basic literacy, creativity in Agriculture.
The book teaches technology and innovation in Agriculture.
It carries several exercises per each unit which include; multiple choice questions, structured questions, word matching, quiz and other games like puzzles and cross wording. These exercises and games are meant to discover the comprehensive skills of the learners.
The book also contains revision exercises and tests that will help in measuring the performance of learners per forty-night or after covering a certain number of units.
At the end of each unit there is a summary.

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