Marondera - Farm & Agricultural Land, Land

USD 106,820

Ref.: RPT0736
Virgin land mixed red, black, Liam soils, beautiful views and landscape, suitable for cropping and animal husbandry
Parent deed, subdivision permit, certificate of no present interest

*55km from Marondera towards wedza good rainfall area, 3 rivers pass through the farm, 2 dams within 1km, farm on either side, clean paperwork ready for deeds on full payments
Marondera plots*
50km from town wedza road
Black soils, Big dam, zesa in the farm, virgin lands, no structures.

Parent Deed, subdivision permit,

Province Mashonaland East
No Improvements

Plot 14 *56.2552 hectares

Plot 15 *53.4108* hectares

Plot 22 *62.9012*hectares

Plot 24 *74.1186* h

Plot 9 *76.1069* h

Plot 7 *89.1769* h

Plot 12 *74.9510* h

Property Size in m2530,000 m²

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