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Electric water pump

Electric water pump

Submersible Pump

4SDM6/21-3HP 2.2KW, 220V 1 Phase

Control box for borehole Control box- 4HP ,3.5KW,380.

Control box- 4HP ,3.5KW,380.

Borehole Control box 4HP, 3.5KW, 380V

Control box 4HP, 3.5KW, 380V.

Control box for borehole Control box 1.5HP, 1.1KW, 220V

Control box 1.5HP, 1.1KW, 220V.

Control box for borehole Control box 1HP, 0.75KW, 380V

Control box 1HP, 0.75KW, 380V.

Control box 0.75HP, 0.55KW, 220V

Control box 0.75HP, 0.55KW, 220V.

Float switch

Float switch.

Digital Control box 1HP

Digital Control box-1HP.

Digital Control box 0.75HP

Digital Control box -0.75HP.

Pressure switch

Pressure switch.

Pressure control

Pressure Control /P.CPN.

Swimming Pool pump electric STP150 1.5HP,220V.

Swimming Pool Pump STP150 1.5HP,220V.

Swimming Pool pump electric STP100, 1HP, 220V

Swimming Pool Pump STP100, 1HP, 220V.

Swimming Pool pump electric STP075,0.75HP,220V

Swimming Pool Pump STP075,0.75HP,220V.

Pump centrifugal electric NFM 130A- 3HP, 2.2KW,220V, 1Phase

NFM 130A- 3HP, 2.2KW,220V, 1Phase.

Centrifugal pump electric PKM60- 0.5HP 0.37K, 220V, 1 Phase

PKM60- 0.5HP 0.37K, 220V, 1 Phase.

Pump centrifugal electric

CPM190 -2HP,1.5KW,220V,1 Phase.

Pump centrifugal electric

CPM158-1HP,0.75KW,220V,1 Phase.

Pump centrifugal electric

QXNY20 - 130/4 -20HP, 15KW,380V,3Phase.

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