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Compressed common
USD 108
  • harare west

Compressed common bricks

3/4 stones
USD 25
  • harare west

3/4 stones per cubic

Solid common
USD 108
  • harare west

Solid common bricks

USD 10
  • harare west

Pitsand per cubic

Red Face Bricks
USD 280
  • harare west

Red Face Bricks per cubic

Common Bricks per thousand
USD 108
  • harare west

Common bricks per thousand

Quality common
USD 108
  • harare west

Quality common bricks

Hard Burn Bricks
USD 140
  • harare west

Hard Burn bricks per thousand

Mable sartin Bricks
USD 500
  • harare west

Mable sartin bricks per thousand

Quarry Dust
USD 15
  • harare west

Quarry Dust per cubic

Semi or Farm brick
USD 60
  • harare west

Semi or Farm bricks for sale

Cement Bricks
USD 120
  • harare west

Cement bricks per thousand

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