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Vw Citi Golf Engine
  • Harare High Density

Vw citi golf engine 1300 x1 and 1600 x2

Peugeot 405 diesel camshaft
  • Camshaft Peugeot 405 diesel
  • Xud camshaft
  • 1
  • Harare High Density

Peugeot 405 diesel camshaft for sale. Brand new imported from the UK. Price 200 usd. Call or app or

incl. VAT
Air flow meters, crank, camshaft sensors, etc
  • Variety
  • Harare High Density

Airflow Meters, Crankshaft Position Sensors(CPS) and Camshaft Position Sensors(CAM) for all vehicles on sale. Competitive prices from 25USD Call

Turbo Chargers and Cores for every vehicle
  • Harare High Density

Turbo Chargers and Turbo Cores: Nissan Navara YD25 -D40 and D22 Isuzu 4JA1, 4JB1,4JH1, 4JX1,4JJ1(DTeq) Ford Ranger 2.5, 2.8, 3.0TDCi Ford Ranger 2.2TDCi, 3.2TDC...

Hino ff .t35 and madza b18
  • Hinoff. T35. Madza b18
  • Harare High Density

Hino ff center. Bearing and accelerater cable. T35 truck Pressure plate recon. Hand break cable and master and slave clutch madza b18 old type pistons.and crankshaft....