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Pool cleaning - pool skim

This device connects ont the outflow jet of your pool and collects all the floating debris in your pool before they sink to the bottom

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Pool cleaning - gemini pool cleaner

Designed to be robust and effective, this cleaner gobbles up pool debris in record time. The subject of several patents and trademarks, the end product is the result of many hours...

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Light deck box

This product is fitted in the surround of your pool and provides access to the wiring of your pool light

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Pool filter tanks - quality brand

These filter tanks come in four different sizes - The two bag ($269), the three bag ($318), the four bag ($398) and the five bag ($472). All prices exclude the filter sand which is...

Gemini unifit hose 1.2m

This is a universal pool cleaner hose

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Spa cartidge filter

This is the filter used to clean the water for your spa bath. This contains a cartridge type filter which is sold separately

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Cemcrete poolcrete - abbotsford green - 40kg bag

Description A scientifically formulated mixture of white cement, white marble and special additives. It is supplied in dry powder form for mixing on-site with clean water....

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Pool filter spares - quality and eartheco

We stock the complete range of spares for pool filters. Shown here are some of the more common ones : Multiport Valve top only, Multiport valve complete, Wagon wheel gasket, Multip...

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Pool filter sand 50 kg

A specially graded and washed filter sand for changing the media in your filter. This should be done every year for optimum performance of your filter

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Clearwater c140 chlorinator complete

For use in pools upto 75,000 litres

Swimming pool fence
  • Harare North

Swimming pool fence sold in sections which are easy to install DIY. Panels posts Gate. NO WELDING REQUIRED. Everything bolts together

Media change swimming pools
  • Harare West

Media change swimming pools

Cemcrete poolcrete photo gallery

See various photos of pools finished with poolcrete

Pvc non return valve
  • New

50 mm PVC non return valve. This valve is glued into 50mm PVC pipe

Cemcrete beadcrete

Description: BeadCrete is a factory-blended ready to use aggregate render for use on reinforced concrete pool interiors. BeadCrete produces a significantly superior aesthetic appea...