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Pool leaf rake
USD 12  |
ZWL 278
  • Harare North

Pool leaf rake. For faster removal of leaves

Pool Hooks
USD 5  |
ZWL 120
  • New

Pool Hooks

Swimming Pool Cover
USD 15  |
ZWL 370
  • New

Swimming Pool Cover

Pool pump and motor
USD 252  |
ZWL 5,911 negotiable
  • Harare North

Pool pump and motor . For the best water circulation. 0.45Kw Sizes in stock. 0.45kw 0.75kw 1.1kw

Swimming Pool Fence - Design P001
USD 23  |
ZWL 529 per metre
  • Harare South

Quoted price is USD. The price quoted includes installation. Pillar footing 45cm. Height 1.2 metres. For RTGS/Ecocash/Swipe please get in touch with TSG We offer FREE site...

Swimming pool safety nets & pool covers
USD 3  |
ZWL 53 per sq metre
  • Harare High Density

Customly made and designed to fit any size ,any shape of your pool Pool nets........$3/m² Pool covers.....$7/m²

Swimming pool construction,
USD 1,000  |
ZWL 1,000,000 negotiable
  • Harare West

Swimming pool construction ,renovations, equipment chemicals ,pool covers and pool nets

Swimming pools cleaning & maintanance
USD 250  |
ZWL 5,875 negotiable
  • Harare East

Call us for dirty pools, those which were out of use for quiet long and all those changing colour due to chemical reaction or salty water, we can bring back the original look of yo...

Pool vacuum hose 10m
USD 44  |
ZWL 1,030
  • Harare North

Pool vacuum hose 10m. For easy vacuum pool cleaning

OTO chlorine test kit
USD 56  |
ZWL 1,316
  • New
  • Harare East

OTO chlorine test kit. Chlorine and pH level test.

Swimming pool filter sand 50KG
USD 64  |
ZWL 1,504
  • New
  • Harare East

Swimming pool filter sand 50KG. Industrial treated filtration sand for the best filtration

2 bag filter tank
USD 250  |
ZWL 5,875
  • Harare East

2 bag filter tank. For the best water filtration.

Hydrochloric pool acid 25 litres
USD 45  |
ZWL 1,058
  • Harare East

Hydrochloric pool acid 25 litres

HTH Chlorine 25KG
USD 100  |
ZWL 2,350
  • Harare North

HTH Chlorine 25KG. Price is negotiable , we accept cash, bond and RTGS. We deliver in Harare Keep your pool clean and enjoyable

  • Harare East

PoolCrete – White & Coloured Marble Pool Plaster A scientifically formulated mixture of white marble and special additives. It is supplied in dry powder form for mixing on-site wi...

CEMCRETE Pool Coating
  • Harare East

Pool Coating – Brush-On cement-based Pool Paint A two-pack cement-based coating which can be applied easily and quickly using a paint brush, providing an economical easy-to-use de...

  • Harare East

BeadCrete A unique glass beaded decorative pool plaster for use on reinforced concrete pool interiors. The pure glass beads in BeadCrete produces a reflective surface that enhance...

CEMCRETE - Pool Repair - Pool Sealer
  • Harare East

Liquid sealer for treating leaking pools. An inexpensive sealer for treating leaking pools where seepage is through general porosity or thinness of the plaster. Benefits * Inex...

CEMCRETE - Pool Repair - Pool Patching
  • Harare East

A quick-setting compound having a base of white to enable it to be taken underwater without disintegrating, and later becomes rock hard. Benefits * To enable the underwater pat...

CEMCRETE - Pool Repair - Pool Crack Filler
  • Harare East

A heavily fibre-reinforced flexible paste which, after being allowed to dry, remains flexible underwater. Requires the pool to be emptied and all cracks to be hacked open. Benef...