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300Watt Solar panels (mono-crystalline)
USD 126
excl. VAT
  • Chinhoyi

Solar panels 300W 24-36V These are monocrystalline panels for all weather use. Free delive…

100 ah/48v Lithium Battery, (And installation services)
USD 600
  • Harare CBD

100 ah/48v Lithium battery Pre owned/ brand new Averge/naradah . 600us Leoch. 900us brand n…

Power Inverter | 3KVA | Hybrid 2400Watts | Mecer
USD 710
  • Harare West

Inverters on Promotion: -Power Invertors for Sale Zimbabwe -Cheap Power Invertors Zimbabwe …

320watt 75v Solar Panel
USD 200
  • Harare East

High voltage solar panels ideal for solar pumping system 300watt 75v $200 USD Polycrystalline…

ALLGRAND 200Ah Gel Battery
USD 320
incl. VAT
  • Harare CBD


5.5 kva MPPT system
USD 2,235
  • Harare North

5.5 kva MPPT system Lights, laptops, cellphones, tv, fridges, fan , pumps and security Inve…

Geyser | Solar Geysers
USD 253
  • Harare West

Unpressurised/Gravity Geyser 100L- $230 150L- $280 200L- $350 Pressurised 150L- $590 20…

MUST 3000W inverter
USD 330
incl. VAT
  • Harare CBD

Pure sine wave, 24V, Max PV voltage 100VDC, Built in 50A MPPT charge controller

Canadian panel 365watts
USD 120
  • Harare North

Canadian panel 365watts $120

3 kva PWM
USD 1,090
  • Harare North

3 kva PWM $300 24v 100ah lithium battery by 1 at $550 365watts 47 v by 2 at $240 Total produ…

grid tied back up systems and off grid solar system
USD 250
incl. VAT

We are offering back up systems from just lighting and small appliances to every household appl…

Brand New lithium battery 48v100ah
USD 1,100
  • Harare North

Brand New lithium battery 48v100ah $1100

325w Canadian Mono Solar Panel
USD 115
  • Harare East

Nominal Maximum Power (PMax) : 325w Optimum Operating Voltage (VMP) : 33.5v Optimum Operating…

1.2 kva system
USD 490
  • Harare North

1.2 kva system Powering tv, 8lights, charging phones and laptops Inverter $180 100ah batte…