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Solar Installations Full Home Installation (Our Panels carry a 25 year warranty)
USD 1,300
  • Harare East

Solar Panels also called photo voltaic or P.V modules as they directly convert sunlight into electricity. They reduce the amount of electricity coming from fossil fuels by supp...

Amerisolar 275 Watt Solar Panels
USD 100
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

Amerisolar 275w Solar Panels

5kva Home Standard Sòlar Package
USD 2,650
incl. VAT
  • Harare East

????1380 Watts Solar Panels ????5kw Offgrid Hybrid Inverter ????4.8kwh Lithium Ion Battery ( PreOwned) ????Mounting & Cabling Accessories ????Combiner Box( System Protection)...

Solar energy storage with solar panel and 3LED light(5years warranty)
USD 50
  • Harare CBD

*DC output:Three circuits DC output 3.2V *USB output:One circuit output 5V/2A *Battery electric:LiFePO4 battery 84W·h *Solar panel:5V/18W *Built-in lamp:2 Levels, higher power...

Solar Geysers
USD 253
  • Harare West

Unpressurised 100L- $253 150L- $391 200L- $469 Pressurised 150L- $715 200L- $825 Installation Options Available

Solar Pump DC 10m head 12v (Wells in rural areas)
USD 70
  • Harare CBD

Solar Pump DC 10m head 12v head for wells in Rural areas

1kw Home Solar Energy Power System with 12V/85W solar panel
USD 540
  • Harare CBD

Power Can Solar Panel:12v/85W*2pcs Battery:3.2V/1KW h LiFePO4 battery DC output:Six circuits DC output 12V USB output:Two circuit output 5V/2A Installation Place:Home, outside...

Mercer inverters 5 kva
USD 850
  • Harare CBD

5 kva Mercer inverters to cater for the following:- Borehole Fridge Freezer Up to 76 lights Radio + home theatre systems+ video games Up to 3 TVs + decoder + DVD Laptop +...

Solar home system 5kva 48v – HELFF Plus
USD 3,800
  • Harare CBD

Solar home system 5kva 48v – HELFF Plus @ US$3800.00 10*300w/330w Canadian solar panels(all weather/monocrystalline) 1*5kva 48v MUST Hybrid Inverter 80A MPPT 1*US3000 Pylontec...

Portable Solar Lighting Kit (3 LED Bulbs+USB+Torch)
USD 50
  • Harare CBD

Portable Solar Lighting Kit (3 LED Bulbs+USB+Torch) @ US$50.00 Up to 20 hours of lighting 3*Super bright LED light bulbs with own switches *USB port for cellphone charging...

Must Solar Inverter 3kv 24
USD 380
  • Harare CBD

Must Solar Inverter 3kv 24

Solar Batteries 200AH NARADA
USD 350
  • New
  • Harare East

Solar Batteries 200AH NARADA 2yrs waranty

School solar installations
USD 3,000
  • Not Specified
  • Harare East

School solar installations. Minimum prices starting from $3000.Quotations are tailor made to suit the school's requirements. Please call us for more details.

5kva 48v MUST Inverter
USD 850
  • Harare East

5kva 48v MUST hybrid Inverter Also in stock 3kva 24v MUST Inverters 2KVA 24v hybrid inverters 1.5Kva 24v hybrid inverters 850va 12v inverters

Solar panel 350w
USD 135
  • Harare CBD

Brand new boxed solar panel 350w mono . Call or WhatsApp .

Lithium batteries 150ah *48volts with BMS
USD 1,500
  • Harare CBD

Lithium batteries 150ah *48volts with BMS *$ delivery

3kva / 3000w Synapse 24v Inverter
USD 400
  • Harare East

3kva synapse pure sine wave 24v Inverter. * Inbuilt mppt charger controller * Powers lights, Wi-Fi, entertainment set, fridge, pump , gate etc. * Hybrid inverter charges...

Solar DC Pump (for irrigation purposes)50m to 80 m head 12v-18v
USD 450
  • Harare CBD

Solar DC Pump suitable for irrigation in plots and farms 50m to 80 m head 12v-18v