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Solar Installations Full Home Installation (Our Panels carry a 25 year warranty)
USD 1,300
  • Harare East

Solar Panels also called photo voltaic or P.V modules as they directly convert sunlight into electricity. They reduce the amount of electricity coming from fossil fuels by supp...

100 ah solar batteries
USD 160
  • Harare CBD

100ah solar batteries *$ delivery

Mercer inverters 5 kva
USD 850
  • Harare CBD

5 kva Mercer inverters to cater for the following:- Borehole Fridge Freezer Up to 76 lights Radio + home theatre systems+ video games Up to 3 TVs + decoder + DVD Laptop +...

Monocrystalline Solar Panels 300W Percium
USD 170
incl. VAT
  • Harare CBD

ARTSOLAR Solar panels 300W Monocrystalline Percium Full Black

deep cycle inverter batteries
USD 300
incl. VAT

Tubular batteries 12 volt made in India not china 200 amp hour 250 amp hour best quality in zim call Rudo +

48V-150Ah Lithium ion battery
USD 1,450
  • Harare CBD

Lithium ion battery-LifePo4 (48V-150Ah) *Standard capacity:150Ah *Rated voltage:51.2V *Maximum input current:100A *Maximum output current:100A *Charging voltage 57.6V~58.4V *...

Solar Batteries 200AH OMNI 5yr waranty
USD 450
  • New
  • Harare East

Solar Batteries 200AH OMNI 5yr waranty

Oliter 100ah 12v battery
USD 250
  • Harare East

Oliter 100ah 12v gel battery for both off grid and hybrid solar systems

Solar panels(100W/150W/250W/310W/320W/380W)
USD 110
  • Harare CBD

Solar panels Poly type solar panel: 250W:110USD ; 310W:130USD Mono type solar panel: 320W:140USD ; 380W:170USD;

ALLGRAND 200Ah Gel Battery
USD 350
incl. VAT
  • Harare CBD


other tubular lead acid battery
USD 330

260 amp hr 12 volt tall tubular battery made in india 1 year warranty 330 usd but buy 10 get 1 free. call +

Borehole Pump Installations ( Solar Powered)
USD 1,400
incl. VAT
  • Harare East

Solar Powered Borehole Solar Pump & Controller ( 40-80m Head, 1800litres/hour) Panel Mountings Plumbing & Fittings Cabling & Electrical Accessories @$1400 5000litre Tank &...

320watt 75v Solar Panel
USD 200
  • Harare East

High voltage solar panels ideal for solar pumping system 300watt 75v $200 USD Polycrystalline

Solar Panel 100W
USD 60
  • Harare East

Solar Panel 100W 25 year warranty

Solar Panel 300w
USD 280
  • Harare North

Original product with a two year warranty Free delivery within Harare German Make

Solar Gel Batteries
USD 150
  • Harare West

Solar Gel Batteries. 100Ah 12V Gel $150 200ah 12V Gel $300 PRICES ARE ON CASH USD BASIS.

5kV *48volts with mppt inbuilt controller
USD 650
  • Harare CBD

5kV *48volts with mppt inbuilt controller *$ delivery in Harare and Chitungwiza