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Trained Professional Guard Dogs
  • Harare South

Trained Professional Guard Dogs Trained Professional Patrol Dogs

Dog services
  • Harare West

Dog services $200

  • Harare West

CCTVs installations .... We do install repair and services, we also do CCTVs monitoring at quite reasonable charges. TRY US..

Cash in transit services
  • Harare West

Cash In Transit Services $1.10 per km + $15 per hour Local Runs: $35 per run

Vehicle tracking management systems

Self tracking on your own PC Customized reports, daily, weekly and monthly GPS Accuracy Comprehensive and user friendly software

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Xpanda T Max Trellis Door
  • Harare South

Above Price Based On 4 000mm wide x 2100mm high Slam Lock! Top and Bottom Track Centre Locking Available in Steel and Aircraft Grade Aluminium The Solid Steel/Aluminum Infil...

Bullion movement

Bulk cash or bullion movement – local and long distance. Overnight storage of cash or bullion

  • Harare North

Storage Units, Security Lockers and Vaults Premises is off the ZESA grid and is powered by an efficient solar system State of the Art Premises 24Hour Guards and Rapid Response...

Couples Infidelity Investigative services
  • Harare West

Couples Infidelity Investigative services Suspicion that your spouse / partner may be cheating is a painful thought :( We can assist you discover the truth about your partner. I...

Alarm monitoring and reaction services

24 Hour Alarm Monitoring and Reaction services for residential and industrial properties

Cash counting

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly wage or bonus packing and delivery Packing of individual wage envelopes

Sliding Gates IBR Design
  • Harare South

Sliding Gates IBR Design

Security surveys

Residential, Industrial, commercial security surveys

Razor & Electric Wire Installations & Maintanance
  • Harare CBD

Buffet Constra Offer You Razor & Electric Wire Installations & Maintenance , Call Us For A Free Quote & Advice .

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Security consultancy and training
  • Harare West

Security Consultancy and Training $400 per day per group

Bank and VIP Escorts
  • Harare West

We provide you with Sfe banking as we can escort your staff to and from the bank with our armed guards. we laso provide special protection and safe passage for your VIP guest durin...

Plain clothes guards / undercover operatives

Provision of Plain clothed Guards Undercover Operatives


 Fully Armoured vehicles for high value consignments.  Movement of valuables, sensitive documents and data  Daily, weekly or monthly cash or cheque collections and deposits....

Motorized supervision

Beat Visits Supervisory visits to all guards on post

Palisade fencing-Prayers Construction and Civil Works
  • Harare CBD

Palisade fencing for homes, industries and schools. The most secure fence ever created. Affordable prices. Call Justin or Prayers ; Email: prayersconstructiona...