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Absolute plumbers / plumbing in Harare Zimbabwe
  • Harare East

For Installation of water and sanitation pipes and water pumps, fitting domestic and industrial…

Blockages and Sewers
USD 35

Harare Septics Honeysucking, Blocked drainages ,gullies , kitchen sinks, bath tubs, urinals , s…

  • Harare East

Plumbing work

Geysers service
USD 40
  • Harare CBD

We service all types of geysers and all plumbing services .

Burst Pipes Plumbing Services

Burst Pipes Plumbing Services. Have a burst pipe? No problem give us a call to day for quick ef…

Solar pump installation services available
USD 1,900
  • Harare East

Solar pump installation services available

Gutters, burst pipes, sewer blockages and generally plumbing repairs
USD 30
  • Harare West

When that unexpected event happens with water please do not hesitate to call chris on 775249068…

Geyser installation and maintenance

Specialists in Geyser Installation and maintenance. We are specialist plumbers

Plumbing repairs and installation
USD 75
  • Harare CBD

Repairs and new installation ,toilet flushing system,water leakages,burst pipes, low pressure ,…

Drain laying ,Domestic and industrial
  • Harare West

We construct drainage systems be it undustrial or domestic,contact us for a free quote

Plumbing Maintenance - Dripping Taps

We are specialist in Plumbing Maintenance of Dripping taps.

Leakages and Burst waterpipes
USD 45

We attend to all burst water pipes, leakages, underground/ wall leak detection , crazy/runny ta…

Maintenance of broken drains

We do Maintenance Of Broken Drains. Call 777 200. We are specialist plumbers

Gutter installation and Repairs

Look no further for gutter Installation and Repairs, one stop shop with the best services in to…

Bad looking basin, toilet and or basin.
USD 30
  • Harare West

If a toilet, basin or bath is not regularly cleaned (with soap, handy Andy no vim or abrasives)…

Soakaway Construction and French Drains

Soakaway Construction soakaway repairs soakaway relocation clear blocked soakway pipes fren…

Geyser installations and maintenance
  • Ruwa

We install and maintain all type of geysers from solar and electric geysers.