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Black top soil
USD 70  |
ZWL 1,750 negotiable
  • Harare South

We have good black top soil for top dressing lawns, flower pots and seedlings.

Top soil{Black}
USD 2  |
  • Harare North

Supplier of treated and non treated black top soil including delivery , We provide free transport for bulk orders in Harare , We cure all weeds from our top quality top soil...

Grewia occidentalis
USD 3  |
ZWL 75
  • Harare North

EXCLUSIVE! Grewia occidentalis Amazing for hedges or as a free-standing shrub - Fast growing - Indigenous, attracts birds and bees - Water-wise - Evergreen Depends on size fr...

miniature pointsetters
USD 12  |
ZWL 300
  • Harare North

We have lovely miniature pointsetters at Mr Chris Nursery, Enterprise and Arundel. $12 in pots and $9 in sleeves

Cuban Royal palms
USD 100  |
ZWL 2,500
  • Harare North

Cuban Royal palms $100 each while stocks last

Cow Manure
USD 4  |
ZWL 15
  • Harare CBD

Cow Manure for gardening and lawn we provide transport as well , You can come and collect at our farm , Best in gardening and lawn!!!!

Vegetable bed
USD 100  |
ZWL 2,400
  • Harare West

mobile vegetable bed suitable for a small family where there is limited space it can also work as a flower bed

Trellis Plant Pots
USD 50  |
ZWL 1,200
  • New
  • Harare West

We do trellis pots of different types and designs to decorate your garden area .

Wooden Flower pots
USD 30  |
ZWL 720
  • Harare West

We do nice wooden flower pots ideal in decorating garden area

Black Top Soil
USD 4  |
ZWL 16 negotiable
  • Harare CBD

Treated Black Top Soil for all types of lawns , we have specialist in the field of gardening...

Instant lawns
USD 2  |
ZWL 90
  • Harare High Density

Instant lawns suitable for school playing grounds, homes and garden yards $2,00 per square meter including delivery anyway in Harare, big orders we do fix and supply

Cuban Royal Palm/ Roystonea Regia at Wholesale price
USD 8  |
ZWL 200 negotiable
  • Mutoko

Cuban Royal palms at Wholesale price, average length 1.8, fully stocked. Good deal ••• We deliver any order above 100 usd to Harare CBD since we are located far from town.

Trees For Sale
USD 3  |
ZWL 70
  • Harare North

Various types of trees available to give your garden that splendid look. Prices are from $2.80

  • Harare North

The Lilliums are putting on a show this year!

Cattleyas flowers
  • Harare North

Lots of Cattleyas flowering at the moment.

  • Harare North

The Zinnias have been an impressive option this summer. Even with the kids trampling a few of them..

Coloured pots
  • Harare North

New Coloured pots just arrived. Come and see!