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Flower seedlings
  • Harare North

Large selection of flower seedling available in season. Sold in 6 and 8 cavity trays. Petunias, Begonias, Pansies, Salvias, Lobelia, Alyssum, Marigolds, Gazanias, Chrysanth...

Flower seeds
  • Harare North

A selection of flower seeds available in season from Starke Ayres

Wooden Flower pots
  • Harare West

We do nice wooden flower pots ideal in decorating garden area

Top soil{Black}
  • Harare North

Supplier of treated and non treated black top soil including delivery , We provide free transport for bulk orders in Harare , We cure all weeds from our top quality top soil...

Vegetable bed
  • Harare West

mobile vegetable bed suitable for a small family where there is limited space it can also work as a flower bed

Pallet planter vertical
  • Harare West

Either you want to make some greenery spots in your indoors or outdoors this vertical and free standing planter would surely help you to fulfill that purpose at no cost at all. The...

Trellis Plant Pots
  • New
  • Harare West

We do trellis pots of different types and designs to decorate your garden area .

Cow Manure
  • Harare East

Cow Manure for gardening and lawn we provide transport as well , You can come and collect at our farm , Best in gardening and lawn!!!!

Black top soil
  • Harare South

We have good black top soil for top dressing lawns, flower pots and seedlings.

  • Harare North

King Palm Trees - 9 years old @ $5 each Fully Grown Cicard - $50 (needs to be excavated)

incl. VAT
  • Bulawayo South

15cm diameter Hanging bowl pot, Price in USD or equivalent. Available colours are pink, lime, turqouise and purple. Shipping arrangements can be made countrywide.

Top Soil [Black]
  • Harare East

Black non treated and treated top Soil Suppliers free transport Discount for bulk orders Discount for cash Hurry hurry now........ Free transport for big orders...

Top Soil (Black Treated )
  • Harare CBD

Treated top Soil and cow manure including delivery Free transport!!! Please call us for more...

Indoor plants
  • Harare North

Want the nature indoors as well? Then we are your guys, for all your indoor plants contact us at Fashion Gardens. Swipe left to see more of our work.

Rose planting pruning and spraying all rose diseases
  • Harare North

For all your rose planting, pruning and spraying all rose diseases contact us at Fashion Gardens.

Fruit trees
  • Harare North

A large selection of fruit trees available. Avos Mangoes Litchis Lemons Limes Apples Pears Peaches Plums Apricots Nectarines Grapes Pecans Figs Olives

Flowering annuals
  • Harare North

Several different varieties of annuals sold in sleeves. Varieties on offer are dependent on the the season

Succulents and cacti
  • Not Specified
  • Harare North

A large selection of succulents, cacti and other desert plants for the drier gardens and rockeries

Vegetable seedlings
  • Harare North

A large selection of vegetable seedlings available for your vegetable garden. Availability of different varieties dependent on season

Shrubs and other perennial plants
  • Harare North

Come and see our wide selection of shrubs and other perennial plants which will help make your garden beautiful