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Ant control -
  • Harare CBD

Ants can enter through even the tiniest cracks such as expansion joints, slabs, window frames, etc, seeking water and sweet or greasy food substances in the kitchen pantry or store...

Chromadek shades
  • Harare South

Protect your valuable possessions from the effects of excessive sunlight and rain in style Feury Safety Pvt Ltd makes the best shades for all purposes Contact us for a free quota...

Roller Shutters
  • Harare CBD

Specialists in installation of shop, garage, household roller shutters

Kutsaga plant clinic- complex diagnosis
  • Harare South

Plant problems can be due to environmental factors, physiological disorders, insect pests, plant pathogens or poor management, alone or in combination. A correct diagnosis is criti...

Refridgeration and Air Conditioning Services
  • Harare CBD

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services and installations specialists. Quick, Affordable & Reliable

110 Watts Solar Panels
  • Harare West

We stock only the best, tried and tested brands. We have Canadian, Risen, JA, CRI, Enersol, Solar Frontier, Twinsel among some of the best brands in the world as far as solar techn...

Driveways /pavements
  • Harare South

We do all types of driveways ,party ways and pavements. We are based in all tar surfaces, paving, concrete slabs and laying of any size of quarry stones and gravel road, for domest...

Double carport

Double Carport - Four post standing carport, be gentel to check when parking. (1) 84% shed netting (2) 100% water proof All as per customer colour choice

per hour
  • Harare East

Ours is a locksmith service from a security company so you know that you're safe and secure always. Call us for 24hr Locksmith services from our mobile team. We specialise in r...

Tractor for Hire
  • Harare North

-Ploughing -Discing -Marking -Planting -Grass Cutting

Analytical Chemistry Services
  • Harare South

The following services are provided by Analytical Chemistry, an ISO 17025 accredited Laboratory using state of the art equipment and highly skilled personnel. Equipment includes, T...

Chromadeck patio carport

Chromadeck Patio Carport - 100% durable, 100% water proof, Patio as well for veranda. All as per customer colour choice. Starting from $200

Cockroach control
  • Harare CBD

a cockroach infestation on your business or residential premise can: Spread diseases;cockroaches can carry disease organism such as salmonella(food poisoning)and coli (gastro-ente...

Water pipe maintenance
  • Harare CBD

We attend to all broken pipes, rusty pipes and blocked pipes. Contact us for a free quotation

Steel Fixing
  • Harare CBD

Steel fixing , Bending and cutting, done by professionals. We use both the traditional bending tools and modern bending machines and hand tools