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Wedelia, A Low-Maintenance Alternative To Grass Lawns

Wedelia, A Low-Maintenance Alternative To Grass Lawns As a classic background to a landscape, there is nothing that quite compares to a lush green, well-maintained lawn. But ma...

per tonne
Topsoil (Price Per Cubic)
  • Harare East

Price inclusive of transport Updated price $zw bond

Garden Trellis Fence
  • Harare West

This serves to divide garden and demarcate pathways ,its charged per meter ,treated,delivered and installed in Harare

  • Harare North

A selection of fibreglass waterfeatures made to look like rock. Sizes vary from small to large. Pump is included and water circulates and all units are self contained

Tree table
  • Harare West

Table round the tree for braai at home

Coventry Garden Bench
  • New
  • Harare South

The perfect feature for anywhere in the garden Been in the business for 60 years has stood the test of time.

Wood Weave Wall
  • New
  • Harare West

Wood weave wall for partitioning gardens and yards this works as a movable wall which can be relocated in future charged per meter ,price includes poles,installation and delivery

Lockable trellis gate
  • Harare West

We do lockable trellis gate to lock out dogs from the garden or demarcate areas and access

Lawn Planting And Care Tips For Winter

Lawn Planting And Care Tips For Winter Growth of lawn is stunted and slow in the cool temperatures of winter, but an advantage is that weed growth is also very low, making estab...

Knapsack Sprayers
  • Harare CBD

Knapsack Sprayers Available for sale. We offer discounts on bulky purchases. Wholesale and retail prices @ your request. Call or App or

Lawn grass runners; Buffalo & Durban.

Bagged lawn grass runners, Buffalo and Durban types. One bag covers a minimum average of 25 square metres when planted in lines 25cm apart. Much of the grass is already pre-root...

Supply of Braai stand BS003
  • Harare South

You can opt to collect from our offices in Airport Road or you can request that we include deliver. Quoted price is USD. For RTGS/Ecocash/Swipe please get in touch with TSG...

Lion concrete Sculpture very large can be painted
  • New

Concrete sculpture - very large - about 60cm his - weighs a lot. Very clear details and features. Ideal for entrances.

Luxury Decorative Concrete Slabs

Custom made concrete slabs with various choice of inlays to complement your landscape design. By quotation.

Softening Hard Landscape Features With Plants

A beautifully designed and well laid driveway adds great value to a to a property and can be an eye-catching feature in its own right. But 'hard' features like this can look stark...

Colourful, Low-Maintenance Shrub Features

Colourful, Low-Maintenance Shrub Features Sometimes keen gardeners will see planted somewhere various beautiful shrub they like, go to a nursery to look for similar examples to...

How To Compartmentalise Your Yard With Hedge

How to Compartmentalise Your Yard With Hedges Hedges are a natural, beautiful and cost-effective way to: *Form a perimeter around your property, in addition to or even in...

Wooden Bridge
  • Harare West

Wooden Bridge of any dimensions to use as a crossover or designing gardens

Wood art displays
  • New
  • Harare West

We do some wood art displays to put in offices or lounge any prototype display

Greenhouse construction specialists in Zimbabwe
  • Not Specified
  • Harare CBD

The Greenhouse specialists. Global Gardening is the leading supplier and installer of quality Greenhouses in Zimbabwe and Africa at large for commercial, as well as small scale rur...