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Universal Cage 2
  • Harare West

This is a universal cage with a bigger capacity its 2m length x1m width ,roofed,lockable door,treated we can also alter it to suit your specifications

3 Storey Rabbit Cage
  • Harare West

This design is for those who want to do rabbits on a commercial rate,it has 3 floors and a sheet that prevents waste to go in the compartment under,we can make it to suit your desi...

Wooden Crates - wooden for packing vegetables farm
  • Harare West

Wooden Crates - wooden for packing vegetables farm

Kutsaga publications
  • Harare South

Several must have bulletins, handbooks, field guides and manuals are available for successful tobacco production.

Pigeon cages
  • New
  • Harare West

Pigeon cages with wooden roof and multiple entrances

  • Harare West

FOR SALE: 60 litre Bags of Seedgro (pine bark) which does well in horticulture seedlings like tomatoes, cabbages, lettuce rape and again in gum and pine seedlings, rich in nutrient...

  • Harare East

If you are into Mining, Farming or Borehole Drilling this is Just the Handy Item you need. Why leave your USD to go unused lock your money in a money generating ass...

Kutsaga Handbook publication
  • Harare South

Several must have bulletins, handbooks, field guides and manuals are available for successful tobacco production.

Butchery coldrooms
  • New
  • Harare North

For all your coldrooms made at customer's specifications. Cold rooms Freezers

280 KVA Scania powered Marelli generator
  • Harare North

280 KVA SCANIA POWERED MARELLI GENERATOR ITALIAN MADE Very efficient on fuel consumption. Like new. 30,000USD$ cash. Serious buyers only.

3inch irrigation pipes
  • Harare North

3" irrigation pipes, 32 6m plain, 32 6m riser, 40 12m risers, 24 4inch 9m plain

  • Bulawayo High-Density

A twin tub 96 egg incubator, original HD model brand new sealed from the manufacturer. The machine was $450 now its $350 last price. Don't wait for anyone grow your own business to...

per kg
Fresh Juicy Lemons
  • Harare CBD

Fresh juicy lemons for sale for $7.00 ecocash/ bond

  • Harare CBD

fresh from the farm tomatoes selling at $40 per sandak (30kg's). Free Delivery anywhere in Harare!

Tobacco Tilita Clips (New)
  • Norton

31' Tobacco Tilita Clips or Tailor made to suit your Tobacco Barn design. We manufacture high quality tobacco curing equipment, instruments and accessories.

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Cattle Water Trough 3.7m, 610 Litres
  • New
  • Harare North

This is an excellent water trough that can be used for all types and ages of cattle. Shortest trough pictured is 3.7m long and holds 610 litres of water. This can be fitted to a ho...

Hydraulic Sausage Filler (Almost New)

20lts & constructed from stainless steel, the fillers have the following features and benefits: Single phase Speed control knob situated near the operator for precise adjustmen...

Automatic Egg incubators
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

New design - now comes with a transparent base so you can observe the hatching process!!!!!! 96 Egg Fully automatic incubator 2 in 1 combination machine with setter and hact...

Freezer Room
  • Harare West

Freezer room excellent condition. 3.7m x 3.5m and 2.8m height. Blower and compressor included

Dust mask
  • Harare CBD

Disposable dust mask phone email FREE DELIVERY