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Briggs & Stratton High Pressure Cleaner HSPW4000
  • Harare CBD

Manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton (USA) Engine Engine Brand: Briggs & Stratton Starter: Recoil CC 420 cc Fuel Tank Size 6.5 lts Pump Pump Brand: AR Pump Type: Triplex Plunger...

STIHL Brushcutter Electric - FSE60
  • Harare CBD

This robust electric Brush cutter trimmer is suitable for tough trimming jobs close to the house. With the Tap ‘n’ go thread-type trimmer head, adjustable loop handle and integral...

STIHL Brushcutter Petrol - FS280
  • Harare CBD

This brush cutter is suitable for all kinds of tough work and is perfect to cut lawn, low grown grass, weeds, dense turf and small trees. SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc) 38.9c...

Briggs & Stratton Water Pump 2" WP2.35
  • Harare CBD

Dimensions (l x w x h) 47 x 41 x 39 (cm) Weight 23 kg Inlet Diameter 50 mm Outlet Diameter 50 mm Maximum Head 33 m Vertical Suction 8 m Maximum Flow Rate 435 lts/min Volute...

STIHL Wood drill BT45
  • Harare CBD

Displacement 27.2cc Power output 0.8kw / 1.1HP Weight 4.8kg (RTGS pice)

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STIHL Brushcutter Petrol - FS120
  • Harare CBD

With perfect balance and an excellent power-to-weight ratio, the FS120 Brush cutter is ideal for professional brush cutting. A rigid drive shaft ensures top performance all day. Th...

STIHL Chainsaw Petrol - MS720
  • Harare CBD

CHAIN SAW MS720 SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc) 105.7cm3 Power Output (kW) 4.8 (6.5 bhp) Weight (without bar and chain) 10.8 kg Power to Weight Ratio 2.2 kg/kW Max Engine RPM...

Non Contact Industrial Thermometer
  • Harare East

Precise non-contact IR thermometer, safe and easy to use. Simply point to an object and read its temperature. Laser sight allows accurate targeting. Consist of optics, temperatu...

STIHL Chainsaw Petrol - MS780
  • Harare CBD

CHAIN SAW MS780 SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc) 121.6cm3 Power Output (kW) 5.6 (7.5 bhp) Weight (without bar and chain) 9.8 kg Power to Weight Ratio 1.8 kg/kW Max Engine RPM...

STIHL Brushcutter Petrol -FS45
  • Harare CBD

This lightweight grass trimmer is perfect for tidying your garden edges. Along walls, under trees or even your lawn borders, it is ideal for putting the finishing touches to your g...

Painted Guardroom
  • New
  • Harare West

1,2mx1,2m painted roof and base guardroom the rest of it is treated ,water proof roof,delivery and installation

STIHL Chainsaw Petrol - MS382
  • Harare CBD

CHAIN SAW MS382 SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc) 72.2cm3 Power Output (kW) 3.8 (5.2 bhp) Weight (without bar and chain) 6.2 kg Power to Weight Ratio 1.6 kg/kW Max Engine RPM 1...

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STIHL Brushcutter Petrol - FS85
  • Harare CBD

The tough FS85 brush cutter has a rigid drive shaft suitable for extended use or when metal blades are in frequent use. The Elasto-Start grip and additional fuel pump make for easi...

STIHL Brushcutter Petrol - FS160
  • Harare CBD

The powerful 1.4kW Brush cutter is perfect for cutting gnarled bushes and thin trees. The brush cutter is supplied fitted with a metal 3 face blade. SPECIFICATIONS Displacement...

STIHL Brushcutter Petrol - FS450
  • Harare CBD

The FS450 brush cutter is invaluable for mowing tough grass, scrub or clearing vegetation. The Elasto-Start system ensures smooth easy starting. A four point anti-vibration system...

Briggs & Stratton Brushcutter SP43-W
  • Harare CBD

Displacement 42.7cc (2-Stroke) Power Output 1.2HP / 0.9kW Weight 7.8kg Fuel Capacity 0.9L **supplied with trimmer head and 3 face blade** (RTGS price)

STIHL Chainsaw Petrol - MS361
  • Harare CBD

CHAIN SAW MS361 SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc) 59.0cm3 Power Output (kW) 3.4 (4.6 bhp) Weight (without bar and chain) 5.6 kg Power to Weight Ratio 1.6 kg/kW Max Engine RPM 1...

STIHL Earth Auger BT130
  • Harare CBD

Displacement 30.8 cc Power output 1.3 kW / 1.8 bhp Spindle Speed 190 rpm Weight 9.4 kg Fuel capacity 0.64 Lt *Price excluding the auger bit* (RTGS price)

STIHL Chainsaw Petrol - MS310
  • Harare CBD

CHAIN SAW MS310 SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc) 59.0cm3 Power Output (kW) 3.2 (4.3 bhp) Weight (without bar and chain) 5.9 kg Power to Weight Ratio 1.8 kg/kW Max Engine RPM 9...

Castors and wheels
  • Harare South

For your Castors and wheels contact us for a free quotation anywhere in Zimbabwe Try us!!!