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Collecting 100trillion & 50trillion zim notes

Hello, im collecting Zimbabwean 100trillion dollar and 50trillion dollar notes, if you have them contact me paying cash

Legal Aid
  • Harare North

Get Individual, Family and Corporate legal cover from as little as $5/ month. Benefits to members include: 1. Free will writing 2. free legal advise 3. Debt collection 4. Deb...

Investors/ Partnership
  • Harare East

Solar solutions, is a ninche market that is not being fully utilized, With the advancement in this technology so much more can be done to improve the lives of many Zimbabweans, We...

I am buying old Zim trillions
I am buying old Zim trillions
  • Harare East

$100trillion $50trillion $20trillion $10trillion call

  • Harare CBD

Looking for an investor with a Food Processing company wanting to expand their product line.Must have products already available in the market preferrably snacks.