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  • Harare CBD

At Pyramid brands we sale all your building and construction materials ,including black sheeting plastic for your concrete floors.

Deformed bars
  • Harare South

We sell all types of deformed bars. Our steel has guaranteed quality. The prices varies depending on the steel size and quality. We can also help you read schedules, plans and do f...

5 Roomed House
  • Harare West

5 roomed house complete with en-suite ,slab,flooring,glassing window framed,treated,door framed ,flash door,locker,delivered and installed.This design can be altered to suit your s...

Pine Wooden Offices with Chromadeck Roof
  • Harare West

We do pine wood offices and houses they bring a different outlook ,roofed with chromadec roof , we are happy to brainstorm and do a design that suits you.

Wooden Office with Veranda
  • Harare West

Wooden Offices with veranda prices varies with design and specifications

Block of Offices or Rooms
  • Harare West

We can do durable houses or offices with wood our guarantee is 7years plus on all saligna products

washing line supplier
  • Harare East

We manufacture and supply all types of washing lines. Rotary & Upright washing lines for sale good quality at a very affordable price. Call for delivery and installations arrangem...

Durable Car Shades
  • Harare CBD

We make car shades mostly as per your designs but our standard car shades for Single car shade measures 2.5m by 5m with a height of 2.3m Double car shade can measure 5m b...