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04 galvanized sheet
USD 13
  • Harare High Density

all thicknesses from 0.4 to 0.8 are available in stock. prices varies with thickness

Palletised Common bricks
USD 90
  • Harare West

Palletised common bricks USD $90 per 1000. Plot 3 along Kirkman Road just after Puma service station. Contacts us

Carports and Shades
USD 450
  • Harare CBD

We do carports and shades according to customer specifications. Our charges range from US$450-600 Contact us for quotation

Cabin (2 rooms)
USD 280
  • Ruwa

Cabin (2 rooms) $280 including roof,wooden doors and Windows, installation and transport

Wooden House
USD 1,700
  • Harare West

Wooden house 6mx3.5m with ,2xNCH window frames,panes,door frames,flash doors ,heaped roof,treated,2 brick wall slab ,flooring delivered and installed in Harare.Please note out of H...

Mesh wire
USD 40
  • Harare South

Our mesh wires are of all sizes. From s193, s245, s345, s500, s078, s100, s125. Our mesh wire has guaranteed quality. The prices varies depending on the steel size and quality. We...

USD Delivered for common bricks
USD 95
  • Harare West

Common Bricks USD Delivered

Shower Cubicles
USD 200
  • Harare CBD

Strong and Durable sliding doors, manufactured under a strict supervision. Get a quotation today

balustrades and steel staircase
USD 52
per metre
  • Harare South

We design and install steel staircases and balustrades of all materials from stainless steel, to any other type of steel or wood

Shower cubicles
USD 90
  • Harare CBD

We bring give your property an ultimate finish ith our wide range of aluminium casement and sliding windows.

Wooden Offices Complete
USD 2,200
  • Harare West

2 brick wall slab,flooring,ND4F/C2H window frames,panes,door framed,flash door,locker,roofed,treated,delivery and in Installation in Harare please note out of Harare trips requires...

Frameless steel balustrades
USD 90
  • Harare CBD

Supply and Fix of balustrades, stainless steel balustrades, frameless balustrades, stainless steel balustrades etc at a reasonable price. Contact us today

Aluminium Windows frames
USD 100
  • Harare West

Aluminium design with burglar bars #free delivery #free instorelation #free quotation

Beyonce Cornice 2,3m
  • Harare South

A beautiful large ornamental cornice for bigger rooms Been in the business for 60 years has stood the test of time.

Roll up shutter doors/ shop front doors
USD 900
  • Harare South

We are the preferred manufacturer of Industrial roll up shutters/ shop roll up doors We design according to your specification with a wide range of colors to choose from We do Re...

Black tying wire
per kg
  • Harare South

We sell all types of steel tying wire . Our wires has guaranteed quality. The prices varies depending on the wire size and quality. We can also help you read schedules, plans and d...