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Z$ 600
Gauze roll plain
  • Harare East

90cmx100m Available

Z$ 1,210
  • Chitungwiza

A bag valve mask, abbreviated to BVM and sometimes known by the proprietary name Ambu bag or generically as a manual resuscitator or "self-inflating bag", is a hand-held device com...

Z$ 450
Cuff weight belt
  • Harare East

Size Available, Small ( pair of 1/2kg )

Z$ 450
Thermo-hygrometer - Digital
  • Harare East

Temperature Range: 0℃~50℃ Humidity Range: 30%RH ~ 90 %RH Operating Voltage: AAA 1.5 V(Not Included) This LCD hygrometer/ thermometer can display digital records temperature and...

Z$ 18,000
Aneurysm Clips
  • Harare East

an aneurysm — a balloon-like bulge of an artery wall. Aneurysm clips are used to place a tiny clip across the neck of the aneurysm to stop or prevent an aneurysm from bleeding.

Z$ 1,210
BP Machine
  • Chitungwiza

Contact Store for many more Thank you!!

Z$ 36,000
incl. VAT
Devilbiss Auto CPAP with humidifier
  • Harare CBD

Model Auto Plus CPAP DV64 series Includes : Main unit, Patient tubing, Power supply, Carry bag, Mask (Dreamwear), Made in USA, Price in USD

Z$ 8
Levin Tube (Stomach Tube) x-ray 20Fr Piece
  • Harare CBD

Material: non-toxic medical PVC. Smooth and transparent tube (or frosted tube). Rounded opened distal end. Marked at intervals from tip for accurate placement. Radio opaque lin...

Z$ 242
  • Chitungwiza

Available in stock. Contact Store for many more Thank you

Z$ 1,800
First Aid Kit
  • Harare East

Customised Kit - you can select components specific to your needs.

Z$ 169
DPD Water Testing Tablets
  • Harare West

DPD tablets are used when measuring alternative disinfectants such as bromine or ozone. DPD methods can also be used to measure the different relevant sanitisers in pool water with...

Z$ 5
Suction Catheter,14Fr Piece
  • Harare CBD

Transparent PVC suction tube with open rounded tip and one lateral eye.

Z$ 1,210
Walking Frame
  • Chitungwiza

For the best quality medical accessories/consumeables,appliances and walking aides, Hope Medicals is your one stop shop.Walking Frame also available for rental at 15 usd Contact...

Z$ 35
Zinc Oxide Plaster Tape 5y/4.6m x 7.50cm Piece
  • Harare CBD

Zinc oxide plaster tape is widely used for both professional and consumer needs, in hospitals, clinics, senior living facilities, workplaces, schools, and households. Its primary f...

Z$ 25
Nebulizer Mask PVC XL Piece
  • Harare CBD

Material: non-toxic medical grade PVC. Consists of mask,nebulizer jar and tube. 6ml nebulizer jar (20ml can be optional). Size:XL. Tube: 2 meter. With adjustable nasal clip....

Z$ 33
Endotracheal Tube Oral Preformed Type - Cuffed 4.5 Piece
  • Harare CBD

Material: medical grade PVC. Oral preformed type. Cuffed Size: 4.5 Softer rounded murphy eye is less invasive. Full-length radio-opaque line for determination of exact tube l...

Z$ 11
Oxygen Connection Tube - 2M, 18Fr Piece
  • Harare CBD

Material: non-toxic medical grade PVC. Length: 2M (different length can be as required). Size: 18Fr. Green or white transparent. Universal standard connector. Inner ribbed des...

Z$ 4,200
TENS machine
  • Harare East

Brand - GENIAL Some benefits of a digital massage therapy include: • Improved blood circulation and enhance body functionality • Reduce pain • Alliviate headaches and give you...

Z$ 396
Aneroid BP Meter
  • Chitungwiza

Manual BP meter no need to worry about batteries etc Stethoscope available for extra $5 Contact Store for many more Thank you!!