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Walking Frame
USD 55
  • Chitungwiza

For the best quality medical accessories/consumeables,appliances and walking aides, Hope Medica…

Abdominal Swabs
USD 4.50
  • Harare East

45cm x 45cm Non washed, Xray detectable per bundle of 5

Autoclave tape
  • Harare West

Autoclave tape can be easily removed with no sticky residues

Arm Sling (XL, S, M, L, XL)
USD 15
  • Harare East

Support an injured upper arm, forearm and wrist. Useful visual warning to others that someone …

DEDAKJ Portable Oxygen Concentrator
USD 1,200
  • Harare North

8 Gears Oxygen Flow, 1.8/2.9Liter Adjustable, Real time intelligent monitoring, Up-to 90% Ox…

STC30 - Your preferred choice to a healthy life
USD 70
  • Harare South

BE HEALED Are you suffering from any sickness or chronic condition❓ Worry no more because w…

B&W Sony UP-890MD - Ultrasound printer
USD 500

B&W Sony UP-890MD Analog A6 Video Printer (Refurbished) The Sony UP-890MD Black and White Vi…

Suture Kit nylon 2/0 box of 12
  • Harare West

Suture kit chronic cutgut 2/0 also available

Aneurysm Clips
USD 600
  • Harare East

an aneurysm — a balloon-like bulge of an artery wall. Aneurysm clips are used to place a tiny…

Philadelphia neck collar (D4)
USD 35
  • Harare East

The Philadelphia neck collar is a two piece collar consisting of a front piece and a back piece…

3 ply disposable face mask box of 59
  • Harare West

3 ply disposable face mask.price per box of 59

Infrared thermometers
USD 30
  • Harare CBD

Thermometers! Approved contactless thermometers available. Genuine and certified brand. For sho…

Ambu bag - Silicon Artificial Resuscitator- Adult
USD 45

Artificial Resuscitators-Adult, Silicon, with face mask No. 4, oxygen tubing and reservoir bag…

lumbar corset with steel panels
USD 35

Elcross Lumbosacral Support Size : Large , Hip Size: 41-1/2"- 45-1/2" Hook & loop strap f…