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Z$ 2,400
Instrument Wire Tray
  • Harare East

Wire mesh 53cm x29cmx8cm

Z$ 4,200
TENS machine
  • Harare East

Brand - GENIAL Some benefits of a digital massage therapy include: • Improved blood circulation and enhance body functionality • Reduce pain • Alliviate headaches and give you...

Z$ 600
Gauze roll plain
  • Harare East

90cmx100m Available

Z$ 242
  • Chitungwiza

Available in stock. Contact Store for many more Thank you

Z$ 11
Blood Giving Sets
  • Harare CBD

A set with integrated air vent for the intravenous administration of blood and blood components out of glass bottles. The drip chamber is generally equipped with a standard blood f...

Z$ 1,690
Laboratory Glassware
  • Harare West

Glassware used as laboratory apparatus offers a wide range of containment and transport functions for solutions and other liquids used in laboratories. Most laboratory glassware is...

Z$ 66
3 way cock stop with tubing
  • Chitungwiza

Available with: -10cm tubing -100cm tubing -Without tubing Contact Store for more products

Z$ 25
Nebulizer Mask PVC S Piece
  • Harare CBD

Material: non-toxic medical grade PVC. Consists of mask,nebulizer jar and tube. 6ml nebulizer jar (20ml can be optional). Size: S. Tube: 2 meter. With adjustable nasal clip....

Z$ 3,000
G Patch Small
  • Harare East

SURGIWEAR ‘SYNTHETIC FABRIC PATCH’ is designed to repair defects in soft tissues & re‐enforcement of soft tissues such as DURAMATER‚ Peritoneal pleura etc. The patch is made of Pol...

Z$ 1,800
First Aid Kit
  • Harare East

Customised Kit - you can select components specific to your needs.

Z$ 1,050
Philadelphia neck collar
  • Harare East

The Philadelphia neck collar is a two piece collar consisting of a front piece and a back piece which are held together by Velcro straps. It can be used by patients with the follow...

Z$ 8
Levin Tube (Stomach Tube) x-ray 16Fr Piece
  • Harare CBD

Material: non-toxic medical PVC. Smooth and transparent tube (or frosted tube). Rounded opened distal end. Marked at intervals from tip for accurate placement. Radio opaque lin...

Z$ 1,800
Nebuliser kit
  • Harare East

Docspray Mesh Nebuliser

Z$ 300
Analogue Room thermometer
  • Harare East

Features: Measure the current temperature and humidity. Mini size, convenient to carry. Analog display, easy to read. Ideal for indoor use. Specifications: Material: Plasti...

Z$ 352
Adjustable cruthes available on rental
  • Chitungwiza

Available for: -Adults and peads -rental (deposit required) less than 3 months -good second hands (once off payment) Contact Store for many more Thank you!!

Z$ 1
Hypodermic Syringe, luer slip 1ml Piece
  • Harare CBD

1ml luer slip individually blister packed syringe with a white plunger. 1ml luer slip syringe with a smooth action rubber plunger clear print on the barrel, and plungers in 2...

Z$ 900
Non Contact Medical Thermometer
  • Harare East

1.Non-contact Testing Forehead Temperature, Fast, Safe and Clean 2. 50 measuring memories 3. 3 color LCD Display, for fever Alarm 4. Time Clock Functions 5. 2 in1 functions, Bo...