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Z$ 135
  • Harare East

45cm x 45cm Non washed, Xray detectable per bundle of 5

Z$ 50
  • Chitungwiza

Available with: -10cm tubing -100cm tubing -Without tubing Contact Store for more products

Z$ 450
  • Harare East

Size Available, Small ( pair of 1/2kg )

Z$ 825
  • Chitungwiza

Nebuliser Machine for hire only Thank you

Z$ 330
  • Harare West

An electric device used to measure hydrogen-ion activity (acidity or alkalinity) in solution. Fundamentally, a pH meter consists of a voltmeter attached to a pH-responsive electrod...

Z$ 3,845
  • Chitungwiza

Machine comes with consumables

Z$ 184
  • Harare North

The new test may be able to detect early evidence of HIV antibodies in saliva as reliably as a blood test, according to the scientists who developed it. The antibodies are produced...

Z$ 18
  • Harare East

Available sizes 8cmX15cm 10cmX10cm 10cmX20cm 10cmX30cm 10cmX35cm

Z$ 264
  • Chitungwiza

Available for: -Adults and peads -rental (deposit required) less than 3 months -good second hands (once off payment) Contact Store for many more Thank you!!

Z$ 132
  • Chitungwiza

Carbon Steel blades available in all sizes (box of 100)

Z$ 2,400
  • Harare East

Wire mesh 53cm x29cmx8cm

Z$ 60
  • Harare East

60x30mm 2PLY BOX/100PCS - Available

Z$ 495
  • Harare West

A conductivity meter measures the amount of electrical current or conductance in a solution. Conductivity is useful in determining the overall health of a natural water body.

Z$ 24,000
  • Harare East

Compact: Holds 6 forceps and cables Durable and secure – for storage and sterilization Anodized silver aluminum with resilient silicone elastomeric instrument holders Validated...

Z$ 908
  • Chitungwiza

For the best quality medical accessories/consumeables,appliances and walking aides, Hope Medicals is your one stop shop.Walking Frame also available for rental at 15 usd Contact...

Z$ 1,650
  • Harare West

Glassware used as laboratory apparatus offers a wide range of containment and transport functions for solutions and other liquids used in laboratories. Most laboratory glassware is...