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Rabbits chinchilla cross breeding stock
USD 35  |
ZWL 623 negotiable
  • Harare North

We have females and males start to breed $35 is not the fixed price because there are different sizes

USD 23  |
ZWL 409
  • Gweru

Standard mixed size eggs available. 10-20 crates available every week.

Healthy goats, sheep and cattle for sale at affordable prices
USD 100  |
ZWL 1,780
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

MOTLOGELENG LIVESTOCK is into the sales of Goats, Sheeps, Cattle and Chicken. We deliver all over South Africa and also across borders. We have livestock both for breeding and meat...

Road runners for sale
USD 7  |
ZWL 125 negotiable
  • Harare West

Healthy,well fed and treated road runners for sale.Vaccinated against newcastle,IBD and other poultry related diseases

Weaner heifers for sale
USD 650  |
ZWL 11,570
  • Harare West

High quality weaner heifers for your breeding project. Fast growing brahman from excellent cows, with good mothering abilities.

USD 1  |
  • Gweru

DAY OLD CHICKS FOR SALE - Mixed breed road runners boschveld and Koekoek- 50 cents each Hatching day old chicks every week I am based in Gweru and I run a medium scale hatc...

Kariba Kapenta and fresh Breams
USD 5  |
ZWL 80 negotiable
  • Kariba

For sale is Delicious Kariba Kapenta - Matemba, fresh & dried Kariba Bream. Delivery anywhere in Zimbabwe and beyond borders. Place your order today

Rabbits for breeding..Does and bucks
USD 10  |
ZWL 178
  • Harare West

Hurry while stocks last.. I have a promotion running right now.. YES , RiGhT NoW.30% off marked price on purchase of above 3. Chincilla, Califonia, New Zealand White and New Zeal...

Fish Farming Harare Zimbabwe
USD 150  |
ZWL 2,670 negotiable
  • Harare CBD

Agro Aquaculture Solutions. Affordable Fish Farming at your home. Become a reputable fish farmer and meet the fish demand. Sustainable home projects and for hobbies to make extra i...

Dried Kapenta 30KG Bag Wholesale - $160.00 USD
USD 160  |
ZWL 3,680
  • Harare CBD

Dried Kapenta 30KG bag from Mozambique. Wholsale prices in USD Call

USD 589  |
ZWL 14,725
  • New

Brand New USD price 220volts 3.5kw

Adep Farm Produce
USD 10  |
ZWL 178
  • Mvurwi

Adep Farm produce adheres to carter for all what most small scale farmers are struggling with ranging from various types of birds e.g Bosch,Australorp,Koekoeks,Rock Plymouth and Gu...

Hyline Point of Lay Chickens on sale at 16 weeks . Fully vaccinated with records
USD 7  |
ZWL 125

Brown Hyline Point of Lay Chickens on Sale : Fully Vaccinated, Dewormed and Debeaked Charles Stewart Chegutu ( supplier of chicks) Records Available Book Now ! ..... Ph...

Fish Tilapia Fingerlings (Seedlings) for fish farming
USD 65  |
ZWL 1,157 negotiable
  • Kariba

Lake Supplies supply high quality nile tilapia fingerlings , delivering to whole Zimbabwe. we also do sex reversed or monosex fingerling as males grows 2-3 times faster than the fe...

Tilapia Bream Fish Seeds
USD 43  |
ZWL 757
  • Chitungwiza

Tilapia Bream Fish Seeds Fingerling size

Vaccinated De-Beaked Hy-Line Point of Lay Hens
USD 6  |
ZWL 107
  • Harare West

ZWL$99 per bird Hy-Line Brown Prolific Producer, Rich Brown Eggs, Hardy Layer Hy-Line Brown is the world’s most balanced brown egg layer. She produces over 355 rich brown eg...

Pedigree and pure Brahman Bulls for sale
USD 1,000  |
ZWL 17,800 negotiable

We have white grey and red brahman bulls, ranging from 15 months to 42 months, also available are cows and heifers. call

Fish Fingerlings for sale
USD 29  |
ZWL 508
  • Bindura

Price ZW$500 per 1000 fingerlings, depending on size. Produced at our hatchery outside Bindura - we deliver to Harare for a nominal fee. Tilapia fingerlings: sex-reversed males an...

Jersey giant chicks for sale
  • Harare CBD

Jersey giant chicks for sale

White Sussex chicks for sale
  • Harare CBD

White Sussex chicks for sale