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Road Runner/Layers Fowl Run
  • Harare West

This design is specifically for road runners /layers as it comes with plenty hatch boxes on either side,roof,lockable door,snake proof fence,rough floor,delivered and installed in...

Laying Boxes
  • New
  • Harare West

These are laying boxes and are charged per compartment @ $10 each compartment

per kg
Kutsaga Bream
  • Harare South

Fresh premium quality Bream (Tilapia spp) produced under expert supervision at the Kutsaga Lake Farm.

Complete Chicken Run
  • Harare West

This set comes with 3 course brick wall,slab ,lockable doors,roof,delivery and installation - ready to put chicks.6mx3m movable plus 7years guarantee

Brahman bulling heifers for sale
  • Harare West

Brahman bulling heifers for sale. These are high quality bulling heifers. Prices are in USD and RTGS equivalent

Wooden Chicken Run
  • Harare West

this is a 6mx3m Fowl Run ,treated ,lockable door and a thick snake proof fence please note that the slab and roof are separate charges not included in the above price

Vaccinated Day Old Broiler Chicks
  • Harare West

$190 for 100 chicks Charles Stewart Day Old Chicks was established in 1958 and has developed into one of Zimbabwe's leading producers of quality Hyline Layer and Ross Broiler Da...

Young Boran Bulls For Sale
  • Not Specified
  • Harare North

Young Boran Bulls for sale. Contact

Road runners for sale
  • Harare West

Healthy,well fed and treated road runners for sale.

incl. VAT
  • Harare West

SASSO is an internationally popular breed originating from France. It provides a hardy, easy to manage and versatile bird to the farmers. Farmers can keep them in different product...

Boshveld Chicks
  • Harare CBD

Boshveld Chics RTGS $2.50/chick

Adult male gsd
  • Masvingo

Adult German Shepherd for sale. If interested call on

incl. VAT
Point Of Lay (18 weeks) Hyline Brown Layers (fully vaccinated)
  • Harare CBD

Point Of Lay (18 weeks) Hyline Brown Layers (fully vaccinated) and well looked after. Very healthy and at unbeatable price!!! Hurry and get yours today. Contact us on: WhatsApp...

Off Layers - Chickens

Off-Layers - Sale $15 Each Hurry Cash and Carry to enjoy that original chicken taste. Minimum order 10.

  • Kwekwe

A range of Pedgree Brahman bulls for sale from $1300

Quality Dressed Chickens for Sale(Free delivery CBD Minimum Oder Quantity-10)
  • Harare North

Our chickens weigh average (1,4kg-1,8kg) which were recently slaughtered at 6 weeks. Price quoted in USD

Dressed Chicken/Broiler for sale
  • Harare East

The chicken have an average weight of 2.1kg. The asking price is in USD. Free Delivery in Harare CBD

Mombe for sale
  • Harare South

Selling my cow in Nyazura. Those interested please contact me on or WhatsApp