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Chickens for Sale
USD 6  |
ZWL 138
  • Harare East

Discount and FREE Delivery for bulk orders Dressed or live Broilers $6 for live chickens

Point of Layer
USD 60  |
ZWL 1,500
  • Chitungwiza

Point of Layer

Dressed Chickens, Chicken Cuts and Offals
USD 5  |
ZWL 125
  • Harare East

Fresh chicken products for sale

Road Runner/Layers Fowl Run
USD 400  |
ZWL 9,600
  • Harare West

This design is specifically for road runners /layers as it comes with plenty hatch boxes on either side,roof,lockable door,snake proof fence,rough floor,delivered and installed in...

Dried Kapenta 30KG Bag Wholesale - $195.00 USD
USD 195  |
ZWL 9,750
  • Harare CBD

Dried Kapenta 30KG bag from Mozambique. Wholsale prices in USD Call

Wooden Chicken Run
USD 380  |
ZWL 9,120
  • Harare West

this is a 6mx3m Fowl Run ,treated ,lockable door and a thick snake proof fence please note that the slab and roof are separate charges not included in the above price

Boer Goats for Sale
USD 450  |
ZWL 15,750
  • Harare West

Boer Goats for Sale. Does $450 usd each Bucks $450 - $650 usd (or Transfer, RTGS or Ecocash equivalent) Located in Nyabira. Very good breed. Start your project with focus and direc...

Young Boran Bulls For Sale
USD 1,300  |
ZWL 32,500
  • Not Specified
  • Harare North

Young Boran Bulls for sale. Contact

Vaccinated De-Beaked Hy-Line Point of Lay Hens
USD 6  |
ZWL 150
  • Harare West

ZWL$99 per bird Hy-Line Brown Prolific Producer, Rich Brown Eggs, Hardy Layer Hy-Line Brown is the world’s most balanced brown egg layer. She produces over 355 rich brown eg...

Complete Chicken Run
USD 1,200  |
ZWL 28,800
  • Harare West

This set comes with 3 course brick wall,slab ,lockable doors,roof,delivery and installation - ready to put chicks.6mx3m movable plus 7years guarantee

Dressed and live birds for sale
USD 5  |
ZWL 150 negotiable
  • Harare North

Selling chickens $5 each and $4,5 on bulky orders (10+), can deliver upto 250 birds per week and does Harare deliveries

Laying Boxes
USD 15  |
ZWL 360
  • Harare West

These are laying boxes and are charged per compartment @ $3 each compartment

My Company NBM Distributors Supplies BBQ Beef
USD 10  |
ZWL 250 incl. VAT

Im Supplying BBQ Beef Boxes each box has 10 packs usd$10.Stocks Unlimited i deliver in Zim Harare Bulawayo.Whatsapp +27817767067

chicks available
USD 1  |
  • Gweru

No lockdown ,this is an essential industry,chicks available every weekend,

Chicken ???? meat
USD 5  |
ZWL 125 per week
  • Harare West

Dressed or live broilers for 5us We can deliver

Farm Fresh Eggs
USD 3  |
ZWL 100

*Farm Fresh Eggs ZWL $100 per Tray *Off-Layer Chickens (Live) ZWL $100 per Each Cash / Swipe / EcoCash For your orders. Whatsapp: +

Big Sale! Muscovy Ducks
USD 5  |
ZWL 210
  • Gweru

Big Sale! Muscovy Ducks

Heifers for sale
USD 540  |
ZWL 21,600
  • Banket

We have boran, brahaman and tuli breed. Prices range from 540-500 depending on age. We are in Nyabira. You turn right just after Nyabira River. Approximatelty 60 km from Harare

Chickens both Live and Dressed
USD 4  |
ZWL 120 bonded
  • Hurungwe

Available in, Karoi, Hurungwe Chickens from 4 weeks (1.3-1.8kgs dressed) up to 6 weeks (1.8kgs-2.2kgs dressed) Live chickens from 1.5kgs up to 3kgs live weight Transport for lar...