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Boer Goats for Sale
  • Harare West

Boer Goats for Sale. $300-450 usd each (or Transfer, RTGS or Ecocash equivalent) Located in Nyabira. Very good breed. Start your project with focus and direction.

Koekoeks Chicks
  • Harare CBD

Koekoeks Chicks RTGS $3.5

Complete Chicken Run
  • Harare West

This set comes with 3 course brick wall,slab ,lockable doors,roof,delivery and installation - ready to put chicks.6mx3m movable plus 7years guarantee

Point of layer hyline chickens/hen
  • Harare West

For sale point of lay Hyline brown hens. 18 weeks old. Fully vaccinated and dewormed or debeaked. $8.50 each. Available in Tynwald

Weaner heifers for sale
  • Harare West

High quality weaner heifers for your breeding project. Fast growing brahman from excellent cows, with good mothering abilities.

Road Runner/Layers Fowl Run
  • Harare West

This design is specifically for road runners /layers as it comes with plenty hatch boxes on either side,roof,lockable door,snake proof fence,rough floor,delivered and installed in...

per kg
Kutsaga Bream
  • Harare South

Fresh premium quality Bream (Tilapia spp) produced under expert supervision at the Kutsaga Lake Farm.

Young Boran Bulls For Sale
  • Not Specified
  • Harare North

Young Boran Bulls for sale. Contact

Orpington Gold Day old chicks
  • Harare CBD

Orpington Gold Day old chicks RTGS $15

incl. VAT
  • Harare West

SASSO is an internationally popular breed originating from France. It provides a hardy, easy to manage and versatile bird to the farmers. Farmers can keep them in different product...

Wooden Chicken Run
  • Harare West

this is a 6mx3m Fowl Run ,treated ,lockable door and a thick snake proof fence please note that the slab and roof are separate charges not included in the above price

Laying Boxes
  • New
  • Harare West

These are laying boxes and are charged per compartment @ $10 each compartment

Vaccinated Day Old Broiler Chicks
  • Harare West

$190 for 100 chicks Charles Stewart Day Old Chicks was established in 1958 and has developed into one of Zimbabwe's leading producers of quality Hyline Layer and Ross Broiler Da...

  • Kwekwe

A range of Pedgree Brahman bulls for sale from $1300

Quality Dressed Chickens for Sale(Free delivery CBD Minimum Oder Quantity-10)
  • Harare North

Our chickens weigh average (1,4kg-1,8kg) which were recently slaughtered at 6 weeks. Price quoted in USD

Dressed Chicken/Broiler for sale
  • Harare East

The chicken have an average weight of 2.1kg. The asking price is in USD. Free Delivery in Harare CBD

Mombe for sale
  • Harare South

Selling my cow in Nyazura. Those interested please contact me on or WhatsApp

  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

Pregnant Brahman heifers for sale

Point of Lay Turkeys

Point of Lay Turkey Hens for Sale for RTGS$70 each.