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Live or Dressed Chickens
USD 4.50
  • Ruwa

Live or Dressed Broiler Chickens Bulk orders accepted and price is negotiable

Young Boran Bulls For Sale
USD 1,300
  • Not Specified
  • Harare North

Young Boran Bulls for sale. Contact ,

Complete Chicken Run
USD 750
  • Harare West

This set comes with 2 course brick wall,slab ,lockable doors,roof,delivery and installation in …

Wooden Chicken Run
USD 280
  • Harare West

this is a 6mx3m Fowl Run ,treated ,lockable door and a thick snake proof fence please note that…

Point of Lay Highline Brown hens
USD 8.50
incl. VAT

Point of laye Highline Brown layers hens readily available fully vaccinated. Discounts offered…

Breeding cattle for sale
USD 500
  • Chivhu

On sale are heifers,cows ,steers and bulls for breeding Crossbrahman and other breeds

Black Australorp & Boschveld Point Of lay Hens Available
  • Harare West

Black Australorp & Boschveld Point of lay Hens for sale. Fully vaccinated Black Australorp …

Boshveld chickens
  • Harare High Density

Boshveld chickens for sale

Chickens and Eggs for sale
USD 3.50
incl. VAT
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

Chickens from $3,50 per bird, eggs $4 each tray. Visit us at Chicken Affair corner 8th avenue a…

Holstine Dairy Bull
USD 900
  • Harare CBD

This is a Holstine dairy bull at 3 years and 3 months old. Asking price 900 USD . Great to cros…

USD 80
  • Kadoma

sheep for sale in chegutu prices range from usd50 to usd 90

Breeding Bulls
USD 500
incl. VAT
  • Norton

Breeding bulls available in Norton, various ages, from USD500.

Brand New Chicken Plucker
USD 250
  • Harare CBD

Available is a - Brand NEW Chicken Plucker - 3 - 4 Chickens per minute - Still in the Shi…

Roadrunner chicks [Boschveld, Sasso T rainbow and sasso sussex ]
  • Chitungwiza

Available are Day old sasso t rainbow chicks - us$0.90 6 weeks old Boschveld chicks-us$2.50 …

Chicken cutlets

Chicken cutlets also available at wholesale prices.

Rabbits for sale
  • Harare North

4 month old rabbits for sale :New Zealand white hybrids and new Zealand blacks. Average weight …

Bulls for sale
USD 850
  • Harare North

Brahman - 10 years old 820kg Boran Cross - 5 years old 680kg Available in Mtoroshanga

Road runner chickens
USD 10
  • Bulawayo South

Road runner chickens for sale. Cock's are 10us and female chickens are 8usd

Rabbits for sale!!!
USD 25

3.7kg's does for $25.00 each, weaners from $10.00 each