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Z$ 2,970
  • Harare West

Prices from $180.00 USD. Sizes/Capacity from 1 horsepower (1HP). Inbuilt MPPT:- self adaptive high accuracy PV array MPPT arithmetic accuracy reach 99%. Compatible with AC/DC tw...

Z$ 480
  • New

Round Power Switch Round

Z$ 4,884
  • Harare CBD

Stadium Light 550W

Z$ 1,056
  • New

8 Core Cable

Z$ 198
  • Harare CBD

tube light 9W(2ft),18w(4ft) and 24w(5ft)-tube

Z$ 554
  • Harare CBD

LED Flood lights with sensor 30W

Z$ 13,860
  • Harare CBD

lithium solar battery 24V 130AH, 12V 200AH and 12V 80AH

Z$ 1,848
  • Harare CBD

600x600 1200x600 panel lights (big one)

Z$ 3,795
  • Harare CBD

New installation and repairs of water pumps,well pumps,booster pumps,pressure tanks,automatic control switch,reserve tanks,plumbing and electrical connections call on 0774...

Z$ 1,238
  • Harare CBD

For all your solar flood lights installations Sarai is just a call away

Z$ 3,120
  • New

3 Core Cable

Z$ 135

LED Rechargeable lamps Z$132. LED Emergency lamp 40w Z$440. Hurricane lamp Z$440 Emergency lamp 12 + 1w Z$484

Z$ 3,080
  • Harare CBD

Solar panels 100w, 110w, 160w, 250w and 310w

Z$ 180
per day
  • Harare North

These are high powered lights on stands already set up and ready for use. They are just over a 1.5m. They are electrical so a generator is needed to run them. Ideal for use in p...

Z$ 119
  • Harare CBD

5w solar wall light with sensor