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1200va Solar Solution
  • Harare East

Basic solar solution capable of powering all your lights, entertainment set ( tv, radio, decoder) , wifi, alarm etc for the whole night. The set comprises of inverter, panels and b...

1500va Hybrid Luminous Inverters
  • Harare East

1500va 24v hybrid pure sine wave inverter capable of powering all lights, tv, fridge, wifi, etc.

2KVA UPS 24V Inverter
  • New
  • Harare West

2KVA UPS 24V Inverter with built in 50A charge controller . Prices are on CASH US Dollar basis.

3kva Solar Solution
  • Harare East

Complete solar set that can do all your lighting, entertainment set, wifi, alarm, borehole e.t.c. The system comprises of 3kva inverter, 320w solar panels, batteries and installati...

Solar Pump Inverter
  • Harare East

Solar Pump Inverter that converts DC to AC. This inverter works with your existing AC Pump using solar panels.

850va Hybrid Inverter
  • Harare East

850va 12v hybrid Inverter. The inverter can power all your lights , wifi, decoder, radio, tv, alarm etc

5kva 48v Inverter
  • Harare East

5kva Hybrid 5kva Solar Inverter. The inverter can power all your appliances including fridges, borehole, lights, tvs, decoder, wifi etc.

255w Solar Panels
  • Harare East

PROMOTION TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 255w 24v A Grade All weather panels

Solar Inverter 3kV
  • New

3kVa Inverter with built in 60A MPPT charge controller. Price in USD Cash

Solar Inverter Sukam 650VA
  • New

Sukam 650VA/12V 12V inverter suitable for home lighting and entertainment.

Inverter 120w
  • New
  • Harare CBD

Find the best deals with Bhola Hardware on a fantastic range of inverters

3kva 24V Inverter
3kva 24V Inverter
  • Harare South

Call us for your solar energy and offgrid power solutions. Powers your lights, tv, decoder, dvd, laptops and fridge.