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Superlife Total Care in 30 Days (STC30), Stemcell Therapy
USD 69.99
  • Harare High Density

• SUPERLIFE IS GOOD FOR EVERYONE TO OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH. Whether you are sick or not, get SUPERLIFE product to optimize your own health. Everyone can take it. In fact, it is recom...

Goat Milk Soap, A solution to all Skin Condtions
  • Harare High Density

For all your Skin Conditions including ECZEMA, DRY SKIN, ROUGH SKIN and SENSITIVE skin the Goat Milk Soap. Available are Standard and Traveller packages going for $4 and $2 respect...

Non Contact Thermometers
USD 30
  • Harare High Density

Non Contact Infrared Thermometers for sale USD30 50 ml containers of sanitiser that spray USD2 100 ML Containers of sanitisers USD2 150-500ml containers of sanitisers USD3 Peng...

USD 400
  • Harare High Density

60% Alcohol based Sanitisers . 200 litres drums

Shea butter lotion 250mls
  • Harare High Density

Tinopedza maspots Shea butter ideal for all your black spots, stretch marks, burns, prevents bumps after shaving,restore and soften lips, restore hairline, relieves joint pain and...