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Room Thermo hygrometer
USD 20
  • Harare East

Uses batteries Measures room temperature and humidity simultaneously.

Bubble Air Mattress
USD 105
  • Harare East

Material : Heavy Duty Medical PVC - Can hold up to 130 kgs. - Alternating pressure mattress helps prevention and also relieve pain from sore spots, pressure spots, and pressure u...

Stem Cell Cancer Case
USD 70
  • Harare South

*StemCell therapy is here to take over the World* *WHAT ARE STEM CELLS* *Stem cells are cells that have regenerative properties and are able to multiply at exceedingly rapid rat...

Liquid Hand Wash 5L
USD 7.49
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

High quality liquid hand ideal for repeated use. Has high percentage of moisturisers and emollients. Guaranteed quality

Lumbar Belt
USD 15
  • Harare East

Ordinary belt - can be used for training, holding the back for heavy weight liftingy, or operating heavy machinery, bike riders etc

Forever Bee Propolis
USD 45
  • Harare CBD

Forever Bee Propolis 100% Natural Supports the body's natural defenses Fortified with Royal Jelly When we think of bees, honey and pollen are usually the first things that co...

Nebuliser kit
USD 50
  • Harare East

Docspray Mesh Nebuliser

Infra Red Thermometer (Non Contact)
USD 20
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

Non Contact Infra Red Thermometer

Automatic Voltage Regulators - medical, Xray machines, dental, diagnostic
incl. VAT
  • Harare CBD

Laser, X-ray, diagnostic equipment etc. loose accuracy when working outside of their designed voltage with potentially dangerous consequences for patients. Our AVR’s will use t...