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Stem Cell Therapy
USD 70  |
ZWL 1,239
  • Harare CBD

BE HEALED Are you suffering from any sickness or chronic condition❓ Worry no more because with STC30 stemcell therapy ???????????? any ailment in the body is capable of being tre...

Afro Jackets
USD 30  |
ZWL 531
  • Harare CBD

Afro Jackets with warm inner fleece.

Nebuliser Machine
USD 50  |
ZWL 1,100
  • Chitungwiza

Nebuliser Machine for hire only Thank you

USD 11  |
ZWL 242
  • Chitungwiza

Available in stock. Contact Store for many more Thank you

Doro Non stick Bipolar Forcep 12.5cm
USD 600  |
ZWL 18,000
  • Harare East

Straight - tip 0.4mm

Facial Steamer
USD 23  |
ZWL 552
  • Harare CBD

Trojan TR100 Treadmill
USD 450  |
ZWL 7,920
  • Harare East

Treadmills DECK SIZE 1200 mm x 400 mm SPEED 0.8-14 km/h ELEVATION Manual ASSEMBLY Yes CONSOLE - FOLD UP Yes HEART RATE Yes INCLINE 3 MAX WEIGHT 100 kg MOTOR 1 H...

Oxygen Mask with Reservoir Bag (Non Re-Breathing Oxygen Mask) PVC S Each
USD 27  |
ZWL 27
  • Harare CBD

Material: medical grade PVC. Consists of mask, oxygen tube, and reservoir bag. Size: S. Tube: 2 meter. With adjustable nasal clip. Color: green or white transparent. Single u...

Laryngeal Mask Airway - PVC 2.0 Piece
USD 100  |
ZWL 100
  • Harare CBD

Material: medical grade PVC. Size: 2.0 Consists of airway tube, cuff, connector, inflation tube, valve, pilot balloon, valve tablet. Color coded for identify different size. Ea...

Endotrachael Tube Oral/Nasal Standard Type - Cuffed 2.5 Piece
USD 21  |
ZWL 21
  • Harare CBD

This tube was designed for neurosurgical or head and neck procedures when the patient's head is in an extended or flexed position, when patient will be turned over and/or in long-t...

Biopsy Needles 16G x 200mm (Biopsy Needles 16G x 200mm)
USD 41  |
ZWL 936
  • Harare North

semiautomatic guilliotine needle without removable cannula 16G*20cm

Peak Flow Meter
USD 25  |
ZWL 550
  • Chitungwiza

Available for Peads Adults Contact Store for many more Thank you!!

Finger Pulse Oximeter
USD 50  |
ZWL 1,100 negotiable
  • Chitungwiza

Measures: -heart rate -Oxygen stats (Comes with a bag) Contact Store for many more Thank you!!

Manual Resuscitators (Ambu Bag) - (Silicone) Infant Set
USD 1,162  |
ZWL 1,162
  • Harare CBD

Main parts are made of silicon and PC material; Aspirator valve is equipped with the fish mouth shape valve; Be equipped with the pressure limit valve avoiding the higher pr...

Cold Wax
USD 8  |
ZWL 192
  • Harare CBD


Doro Bipolar Forcep Sterilisation Tray
USD 800  |
ZWL 24,000
  • Harare East

Compact: Holds 6 forceps and cables Durable and secure – for storage and sterilization Anodized silver aluminum with resilient silicone elastomeric instrument holders Validated...

Quick & Care Strips
USD 10  |
ZWL 300
  • Harare East

Blood glucose testing strips, pack of 50

imari seduction skin care gift set
USD 20  |
ZWL 420
  • Harare CBD

Imari seduction skin care gift set for that special someone.

Dental needles
USD 4  |
ZWL 71
  • Harare CBD

Dental needles USD4