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USD 80  |
ZWL 4,000 incl. VAT
  • Harare West

Indulge in stimulation of the happiest of forms with the Happy Rabbit 2 Curve Rabbit Vibrator. 2 motors surge power to your most sensitive spots and a whopping 15 modes of vibratio...

Forever A-Beta Care
USD 32  |
ZWL 704
  • Harare CBD

A powerful antidioxidant which combine Vitamin A,E and Selenium. It helps o mop up free radicals/body pollutants. It supports health circulation, vision, hair, bones and boost th...

Laryngeal Mask Airway - PVC 2.5 Piece
USD 100  |
ZWL 100
  • Harare CBD

Material: medical grade PVC. Size: 2.5 Consists of airway tube, cuff, connector, inflation tube, valve, pilot balloon, valve tablet. Color coded for identify different size. Ea...

Forever Calcium
USD 26  |
ZWL 572
  • Harare CBD

Forever Calcium Provides Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Copper and the Vitamins C & D Ensure maximum absorption and bioavailability Science has shown that as we age our...

USD 70  |
ZWL 1,750
  • Harare South

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? *DON'T BE LEFT OUT: ZERO DISEASE TOLERANCE *StemCell therapy is here to take over the World* *WHAT ARE STEM CELLS* *...

Patient monitor
USD 725  |
ZWL 18,125
  • Harare CBD

Patient monitor USD725

Ear thermometer
USD 45  |
ZWL 1,125
  • Harare CBD

Ear thermometer USD45

USD 45  |
ZWL 2,250
  • Harare West

Fall effortlessly in love with each powerful vibration as frosted fleurs shimmer and shine like frozen moonlight on thousand diamond tipped petals. 10 functions RO 120...

Digestive system support combo
USD 115  |
ZWL 2,530
  • Harare CBD

90 %of all disease begins in the digestive system. This combo support a healthy digestive system from balancing the good and bad bacteria in the gut , balancing stomach acid levels...

Latex Sugical Gloves - powdered 7.0 Pair
USD 9  |
  • Harare CBD

We are passionately engaged in providing an exclusive array of Powdered Latex Surgical Gloves for our esteemed clients. Highly used for covering hands during surgery, these surgica...

Infant warmer
USD 2,500  |
ZWL 72,500
  • Harare CBD

Infant warmer 2500USD

Spinal needles
USD 29  |
ZWL 713
  • Harare CBD

Spinal needles USD28,50 box of 100

bell gout relief (60caps/bottle)
USD 36  |
ZWL 900
  • Harare CBD

Helps relieve pain associated with gout.* Helps maintain proper muscle function. Helps in tissue formation. Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Helps...

Hand Sanitizer Liquid 200mls (>65% Alcohol Content)
USD 5  |
ZWL 270
  • Harare South

Cooling hand sanitizer liquid or gel effectively kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria on the skin that could cause disease and stop some viruses. Alcohol based hand sanitizers can q...

Aloe Ever-Shield
USD 8  |
ZWL 176
  • Harare CBD

Made without the harmful antiperspirant aluminium salts found in many other deodorants, this underarm protection glides on smoothly. Thanks to the high Aloe content, this gentle d...

IV Dressing different sizes
USD 45  |
ZWL 1,125
  • Harare CBD

IV Dressing different sizes USD45 box of 100

bell colon care cleansing (90caps/bottle)
USD 43  |
ZWL 1,075
  • Harare CBD

Formulated to help promote proper elimination (regular BMs) and rid the body of toxins.* Good source of antioxidants. Natural toning and cleansing properties. Supports regularit...

Forever Daily
USD 22  |
ZWL 484
  • Harare CBD

Forever Daily Blend of 55 nutrients, including essential vitamins and minerals Nourishes and protects our bodies Forever Daily™ is a revolutionary nutrient delivery system des...

Sexual ,System support
USD 33  |
ZWL 825
  • Harare CBD

Helps to increase libido and sexual energy for intimacy, helps rejuvenate the sexual reproductive stem naturally.

Hospital Equipment & Office Furniture
USD 100  |
ZWL 4,500 per week
  • Harare South

Hospital Equipment: Examination Couches Hospital Beds Delivery Beds Drip Stands Step Stools Office Furniture: Desks Chairs Filing & Stationary Cabinets We are the...