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Superlife's SCC
  • Harare High Density

Cleanse your colon with SCC from Superlife and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. SCC assists with curing and managing cancers of the colon.

STC30 for curing all chronic illnesses
  • Harare South

STC30 is a highly innovative plant based stem cell therapy to cure the incurable, BP, diabetes, all types of cancers, kidney problems, fibroids, cysts, boosts immune system, blindn...

  • Harare High Density

We cure HIV using African medicine, It is a 30 day process but without refraining from using your ARVs. After 30 days we will accompany you as you go get tested.

per month
Genfin Medical Aid Fund
  • Harare CBD

Unlimited Visit & Treatments, Consultations, Reviews, Dressings, BP, Glucose & Malaria Check Ups At The General Practitioner. Examinations, Cleanings (Scale And Polish), Filing...

Relaxing amazing professional Swedish Massage
  • Harare East

Are you feeling tired? low energy? sore back, neck, shoulders, arms? depressed? Before or After a long day AT work, all the stress THAT builds up the body NEEDS A GOOD MASSAGE TO r...

  • Harare North

Surrender to the skilled hands of our therapists and feel like new inside and out! Choose from a range of massage therapy techniques all devoted to your skin and senses: Book a mas...

per hour
  • Harare East

Delightful open minded therapist for all your needs and stress relief.

Nanaya Massage Studio
  • Harare North

Welcome to our world! At Nanaya we understand the importance of serving our clients with uncompromising confidentiality, reliability and integrity. We cater for the discerning exec...

Medical Beds for Hire
  • Harare South

Do you have a relative who is bed ridden and/or is prone to developing pressure sores? We have just the solution for you. An electric adjustable profile bed can be a simple solutio...

Affordable Medical Aid Cover
  • Harare North

Get covered on Medical Aid from only $12 a month!

Pro Senior Package
  • Harare North

It is your time to take care of them. Let us at ProHealth Medical Aid Society help you show them the care they deserve. Get your parents and grandparents covered on Medical Aid tod...

Stem-cells are health products which are well ahead of their time.
  • Harare CBD

Natural Remedy STC30 Are you suffering from the following ❗STIs ❗Baldness ❗High Blood Pressure ❗Low blood pressure ❗Fungus infections ❗Prostrate Disorders ❗Period Pain ❗In...

Nurse Aides available for Hire
  • Harare East

Nurse aides for hire in Harare and across Zimbabwe. We have qualified nurse aides who are well trained and have been subject to a stringent screening process. *rates may vary de...

Service, Repair and Maintenance of Medical Equipment

We provide service and repair for all types of medical equipment including: Sterilizers, ECGs, Defibrillators, Surgical Tables, Exam Tables/Chairs, Electro- surgery Units, Infu...

Medical Accessories
  • Harare CBD

We supply Medical Accessories, Equipment, Surgical Sundries and First Aid Kits

Medical Devices supply
  • Harare West

Kayla Technologies for all your Medical and Laboratory requirements.We also supply medical and laboartaory consumables. Biomedical Services offered: • New Equipment Procureme...

SOTA Home Healthcare - Healthcare Services In The Comfort Of Your Home
  • Harare West

Professional care for your family anywhere, anytime. Book your private doctor, nurse, specialist, rehabilitation or diagnostic service s today. Private, professional, quality and f...

  • Harare High Density

Give your body a better chance of healing and a full recovery with STC30.

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Automatic Voltage Regulators - medical and dental
  • Harare CBD

Laser, X-ray, diagnostic equipment etc. loose accuracy when working outside of their designed voltage with potentially dangerous consequences for patients. Our AVR’s will use t...

  • Harare North

We offer reflexology for both the hands and feet to stimulate the body's own healing powers.