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Potato Planter - Tractor Implement

Potato Planter is used for planting of potato crop. Chain system cups are used. The machine is mounted on a three point linkage of a tractor. There is increased production because...

maize sheller
  • Chinhoyi

An Imco Maize Sheller working perfect

Dust mask
  • Harare CBD

Disposable dust mask phone email FREE DELIVERY

Johndere combine harvester
  • Chinhoyi

John dere combine harvester with 4row maize head and wheat head

3dish plough rervisible
  • Chinhoyi

3dish plough reversible

Potato Digger - Tractor Implement

Potato digger is made to work on one row of potatoes or other root crop and returns the potatoes on the dug soil after shaking the soil through the chain. The pitch of chain is dec...

Bee hive - queen excluder screen
  • Harare North

Langsthroth bee hive - queen excluder screen

Bain 5 dish plough reversible
  • Karoi

Bain 5 dish plough reversible

Jib crane - Implement for Sale

The Jib crane is a tractor implement that easily does jobs that require heavy effort if done manually. The loading and unloading of drums containing fuel, seeds, fertilizer bags, m...

farm trailer neat
  • Chinhoyi

A farm trailer with boards fitted with new tyres

Kenyan Bar Top Design Bee Hive
  • Harare North

Our wooden beehives are custom made, manufactured from solid wood sourced locally. The family of a queen bee and the other worker bees reside in these wooden bee hives. We offer wo...

200litre water bowser
  • Chinhoyi

200litre water Bowser ni leaks

Johndere tractor 1850
  • Chinhoyi

A neat johndere 1850 tractor second hand

3 Row Maize Heads
  • Mutare

I have two 3 row Maize heads for sale. 90 cm row spacing in good working condition.

Renalt 85-34 85 hp
  • Chinhoyi

Renalt 85-34 4*4 working perfect 85hp

4row imco planter
  • Chinhoyi

4row imco planter mechanical. Ready to plant

6tonne flat deck
  • Chinhoyi

6tonne farm trailer flat deck

Fiat Agri 65-55 very neat
  • Chinhoyi

Fiat Agri 65-55 ready for work 4*4

Water cart
  • Chinhoyi

Water Bowser 2000ltrs

Mf 35 kick and go
  • Chinhoyi

Mf 35 strong kick and go