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Solar Backup and Geyser Installation
  • Harare CBD

New installation and repairs of water pumps,well pumps,booster pumps,pressure tanks,automatic control switch,reserve tanks,plumbing and electrical connections

20l Gas geyser
  • Harare East

Instant water heater that can supply hot water to more than one bathroom at the same time.

Gasheat Gas geysers
  • Harare East

Gas geysers for sale for INSTANT hot water! No ZESA required. These geysers come in a range of sizes and is dependant on what you are needing to use the geyser for. Switching to g...

Kiwot Electric Geyser
  • Harare CBD

Kwikot manufactures an extensive range of electric geysers for domestic household applications, offices, and small businesses such as hair salons. Every domestic electric water hea...

EasyGas Gas Geyser
  • Harare CBD

Convenient & energy efficient, our gas water heaters are ideal for off grid systems.

Ameen Solar Geyser
  • Harare CBD

Available in 100L | 150L | 200L A solar geyser system is an attractive alternative to electric geysers, especially if you want a sustainable, environmentally-friendly, cost-savi...

Scottish Plumbers.. Drain laying, Tubs,Water closet,Wash hand basin,Urinals,ect
  • Harare High Density

Scottish Plumbers we do all your Drain laying,Tubs ,Water closet Wash Hand basin, Urinals ,jojo leaking taps,Geysers ,Cubicles , shower trays Blocked trains. Get in touch

Magnesium Bar for Pressure Geyser
  • New
  • Harare South

Magnesium Bar for Pressure Geyser