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Z$ 7,343
Monarch Solar Geysers (100 LT)
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

Monarch Solar Geysers Available in 150 & 200 LT All weather geysers Electrical backup option 5 year guarantee Prices differ according to size Delivery Available for Big Order...

Z$ 2,040
Solar Backup and Geyser Installation
  • Harare CBD

New installation and repairs of water pumps,well pumps,booster pumps,pressure tanks,automatic control switch,reserve tanks,plumbing and electrical connections

Z$ 10,350
150L Solar Geyser delivered and installed
  • Harare South

150L Solar Geyser delivered and installed for just US$450 total cost..

Z$ 5,488
Solar Geysers for your home
  • Harare West

Dont get frustrated with load shedding. Heat up your water with our affordable solar geysers. We have units starting from 100L to 300L. We also provide supply and fix with deliever...

Z$ 7,650
solar geyser installation. geyser comes with backup electrical element.
  • Harare CBD

solar geyser installations, repair

Z$ 3,655
Gasheat Gas geysers
  • Harare East

Gas geysers for sale for INSTANT hot water! No ZESA required. These geysers come in a range of sizes and is dependant on what you are needing to use the geyser for. Switching to g...

Magnesium Bar for Pressure Geyser
  • New
  • Harare South

Magnesium Bar for Pressure Geyser