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Egg @usd$5 a crate or $7.50 ecocash
  • Not Specified

Egg @usd$5 a crate or $7.50 ecocash

cabbage at wholesale price
  • Not Specified
  • Harare South

cabbages at wholesale please get in touch delivery can be arranged

Avocado $1 for 10
  • New
  • Harare South

Avocado $1 for 10 avocadoes

Choumollier for sale.
  • Not Specified
  • Bulawayo East

$1 / bunch or 50c / half-bunch.

Super fresh Oyster Mushrooms
Super fresh Oyster Mushrooms
  • Not Specified

Super Fresh Oyster Mushrooms 200grams Discount on bulk purchases

Fancy Lettuce
  • New

Very Fresh Frilly Fancy Lettuce available in Harare

Citro Juice

The coolest diary juice on the market which is refreshingly fruity.

Dendairy vanilla ice cream

New Packaging for Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry 500ml and 1kg ICE CREAM

Mc meats - polony & sausage products

SEE PICTURES ABOVE Quality Beef Polonies and Value Polonies - with NO PORK Quality Sausages in a variety of flavours and sizes Mince Yakanaka (tube) 23x300g PRE...

Dendairy long life uht milk 250ml & 500ml

Dendairy Milk is guaranteed high quality milk ensured by their laboratory which does over 50 quality tests every day. UHT treatment is a thermal process for preserving liquid milk...

Dendairy yogurts

Dendairy Yogurt is made the traditional way with 100% farm fresh milk. Thick & Creamy taste. Great for your health, all Dendiary recipies have less that 2% fat and our tradition...

Dendairy uht milk tfa - 100ml & 200ml

Dendairy milk is smooth rich and creamy. Dendairy milk guarantees high quality milk ensured by their laboratory. UHT treatment is a thermal process for preserving liquid milk....

Dendiary milk shake tetra pak 500ml

Dendairy flavoured milk shakes boxed in 500ml TETRA PAKS - Ingredients are milk and milk solids, sugar, favour and coloring stabilizer. Features : Lasts 9 months

Dendairy creama 400g

Dendairy Creama is made the old fashioned way. Its fortified with vitamins and minerals that help keep your family healthy. Dendairy Creamer adds flavor and colour to your tea a...

Dendairy butter

Dendairy butter made with fresh cream and a sprinkling of salt. Dendairy butter has a legendary taste! Perfect when layered on toast, sandwiches and much tastier to cook with than...

Dendairy 100% fruit juice

100% Fruit Juices with the best fruits selected in season from around the world. Apples, Oranges, Grapes and other fruits fresh picked. The fruit and their skin is expressed with...

Dendairy uht milk tetrapak - 500mls & 1litres

UHT is made from 100% natural milk with no preservatives, however, it is UHT treated under thermal process for preserving liquid milk. So UHT milk has no preservative or bacteria...

Dendairy milk shake tetrafina

Dendairy flavoured milk is rich, smooth and creamy. Simply shake your milk before drinking and you get a thick, smooth milkshake. Flavoured milk is better for kids than soft drin...

Yolo drinking yogurts

YOLO drinking yogurts available in Vanilla, Peach & Apricot, Banana and Strawberry. Has the same benefits of normal yogurts. 300g bottle design with large lid makes it easy to d...

Dendairy milk powder - 125g & 400g

100% fresh milk turned into powder. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals to help keep your family healthy. Make milk whenever you want too, simply add water to Dendairy mi...