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Kayla's king for a day massage
  • Harare East

I operate independently from my home.All treatments are strictly by appointment. Outcalls are available. Open from 10am till 5pm Mondays to Saturdays

Self-Powered Motorless Curved Treadmill
USD 1,700
  • Harare North

Self-Powered Treadmill Get a hardcore workout from the power of your own two feet.  A remarkable feature, the curved motorless treadmill runs on your energy, with zero electrica...

Olympic Bars & Barbells
  • Harare North

Get All Your Bars & Barbells Olympic Bar EZ Bar Straight Bar Hammer Curl Bar Short Bar Straight Barbells & EZ BARBELLS

G20 All-In-One Multi Functional Trainer Lat Pull Down
  • Harare North

Force USA G20 All-In-One Functional Trainer With Lat Pull Down Whether you're looking to maximise your work out space, or looking to take your training to the next level, the Forc...

Xpresss Airbike
USD 1,200
  • Harare North

The Xpress Air bike is durable, compact and optimizes space. The Air bike offers value for money for your home gym or commercial gym.  The Air bike is powered by the user and provi...

G3 All-In-One Trainer
USD 3,100
  • Harare North

The Monster G3 combines a Smith Machine, Functional Trainer, Power Rack, Chin Station and Core Trainer. Its a Heavy Duty all-in-one compact strength-training machine. Includes:...

Couples Massage
USD 119
  • Harare East

Massage is not just a luxury, it's a way to a healthier happier life.

Special Deals for DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE at Annabel’s Academy of Beauty Therapy
  • Harare North

Special Deals for DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE at Annabel’s Academy of Beauty Therapy Call us on or We offer many types of massage, each with its own set of b...

The Force USA F100 Functional Smith All In One
  • Harare North

The Force USA F100 combines a 1: Cable Ratio Functional Trainer with 100kgs Weight Stacks,  Smith Machine, Power Rack, Dip Station, Core Trainer and Chin Bar. Features 1:1 Cabl...

  • Harare North

Our 100 percent PVC interlocking tiles are extra thick and rigid and this makes them the perfect solution for gym floors and sports center floors. Our Interlocking gym mats are ide...

Exercise/ Fitness Functional Equipment & Accessories
  • Harare North

All Your Functional Equipment Skipping Ropes Battle Ropes Bulgarian bags Kettlebells Slam Balls Medicine Balls Ab Mats Gym Door Pull Up Mats

  • Harare North

Exercise Balls Aerobic Balls Slam Balls Wall Balls Rubber Medicine Balls Get Yours WhatsApp +27606465303 or

USD 1,500
  • Harare North

For A Complete Body Workout Enrich your Wellness and Fitness Aspirations WhatsApp or Call +27606465303 410 8956

USD 2,700
  • Harare North

The Functions: Chest Press Leg Extensions Lat Pull Down Butterfly Chest Press Leg Raises Calf Raises Seated Row And many more WhatsApp or Call

  • Harare North

Dumbbell Racks 10 to 15 Pairs Capacity

Valentines Day Specials
  • Harare North

Special Deals for Valentine’s Day at Annabel’s Academy of Beauty Therapy Call us on or Valentine’s Day is the most wonderful time of the year, and...

The FUSA Commercial Power Rack
  • Harare North

The Commercial Power Rack is ideal for serious home gym fit-outs or commercial settings. Equipped with barbell, plate, chain and band storage as well as 2x sets of adjustable safet...

The BH Fitness Global Gym Plus MULTI-GYM
  • Harare North

The BH Fitness Global Gym Plus G152X delivers a total body workout in a stylish, all-in-one package. This multi-station features a seated leg press plus power tower for dips and ab...

G9 All-In-One Multi Functional Trainer
  • Harare North

The Monster G9 offers the equivalent of 8 strength training machines in a single power rack footprint including a Smith Machine, Power rack, Functional Trainer, Pull-up Station, Di...

T9119A Home Treadmill
  • Harare North

T9119A Home Treadmill Product Description Specifications Screen: 7″ LCD Screen DC Motor: 1.25 HP (Continuous) / 2.5(Peak) Speed: 1.0—16km/h Incline: 0%-15% Walking Area(L...