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Family and Friends Hands Only CPR training Kit

Family & Friends CPR Anytime has been updated to reflect new science in the official 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Car...

25 peson Industry kit in metal.

This is an ideal kit for 25 and less workers in metal.With a few additional bandages and eye pads it is compliant with NSSA. This is a waterfroof container that is suitable fo thos...

Fire Blanket
  • Harare East

Fire blanket From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fire blanket File:Feu-de-paille-couverture.ogv Extinguishing of a fire with a fire blanket A fire blanket is a safety devi...

  • Harare East

This stretcher is suitable for use in confined spaces like mine shafts,wells and tanks. It measures 1080 mm x 1800 x 0.50 mm. There are 6 handles on both sides. It can lift up 22...

Medique QR Wound Seal
  • Harare East

Medique QR Wound Seal Details Quickly treat large wounds with this Medique 2330 QR WoundSeal rapid response single use application. Used by hospitals, schools, professional s...

MEDIQUE Super Blood Stopper
  • Harare East

OUR MEDIQUE BLOOD STOPPER COMPRESSSES. Treat major scrapes, cuts, and abrasions with this Medique 64101 Medi-First blood stopper compress. This an ideal item in an industry whe...

Medique Cold Spray
  • Harare East

Product Description Manufactured by MediqueMedi-First topical skin refrigerant cold sprayTopical skin refrigerant Relieves minor pain and swelling from sprains, bruising, and co...

Stethoscope Deluxe Pinard Fetalscope Aluminium
  • Harare East

Stethoscope Deluxe Pinard Fetalscope Aluminium Specifications: Durable Light Weight Allows you to hear the babies heart rate without using electronic devices

Forever heat lotion

Cash, zip it, ecocash or telecash

Kitchen First Aid Kit
  • Harare East

This kitchen first aid kit is ideal for catering establishments that employ 25 people and less. This includes establishments that cater for functions, weddings, school meals and re...

Head Block
  • Harare East

This immobilisation device is used in situations of suspected broken spine. It is an ideal device in contact sports like rugby and soccer. It is also ideal for the mining industry....

Waist First Aid Carry bag
  • Harare East

This is an ideal bag for a variety of emergencies. 1. In a mine or in an industry operating in a large surface, it can be used by a supervisor to attend to emergencies that do not...

Small First Aid Kit
  • Harare CBD

Small First Aid Kit $5

Aluminium Alloy Foldable Stretcher All Aluminium stretcher
  • Harare East

This a light all aluminium stretcher that can easily be used as a spine board in a mine. It can be used in a confined space and comes with belts.

61 pc All purpose first aid kit
  • Harare East

This is an ideal kit for school kits at boarding school, active sports person, small artisan like a carpenter, welder and builder.This is a very portable kit. Contents of 61-p...

Fanny Outdoor Survival Kit
  • Harare East

Fanny Outdoor Survival Kit This is a portable first aid kit with adjustable belt that can be worn around the waist. It contains basic first aid items in minor emergencies. First...

Fanny Outdoor Survival Kit Deluxe
  • Harare East

Fanny Outdoor Survival Kit Deluxe This is a portable first aid kit with adjustable belt that can be worn around the waist. It contains first aid items for 1 to 8 people as well as...

Aluminium Alloy Foldable Stretcher
  • Harare East

Foldable stretcher(This is a foldable spine board) ●It is made of high strength aluminum alloy material ●It is light and can be used in confined spaces like in a mine shaft. It...

Spine Board (Plastic) with belts
  • Harare East

Spine board ● Available with 10 pins ● X-ray translucent ● Compatible with most head immobilizers ● One-piece ● Impervious to all bodily fluids and easy to decontaminate ● I...