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Chickens for Sale
USD 6  |
ZWL 138
  • Harare East

Discount and FREE Delivery for bulk orders Dressed or live Broilers $6 for live chickens

Pigeon cages
USD 120  |
ZWL 2,880
  • Harare West

Pigeon cages with wooden roof and multiple entrances

Powder Chelated Iron Corrector
USD 9  |
ZWL 228
  • Harare East

Greencon sells Biofer EDDHA fertilizers. Please contact to find out more

Zim-Agro Solutions (AfroDripTec) Drip Kits and Irrigation Supplies
USD 0  |
ZWL 3 per sq metre
  • Harare CBD

Available are : Drip Kits, Drip Tapes, End Caps, Rubber Grommets, Start Connectors, Drip Coupling, Valve Connectors, Filters and PolyPipes

Valley center pivot
USD 28,000  |
ZWL 1,260,000
  • Karoi

Valley center pivot covers 40 hectares

Grass cutter mower
USD 600  |
ZWL 18,000
  • Chinhoyi

Grass cutter mower for sale. Price is in USD

Jacto HD 400 Knapsack Sprayer
USD 70  |
ZWL 2,520
  • Harare South

Apply chemicals and fertilizers quickly and evenly without risk of leaks with this Jacto Backpack Sprayer DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Features a HDPE UV-resistant tank and tough comp...

Point of Layer
USD 60  |
ZWL 1,500
  • Chitungwiza

Point of Layer

Dressed Chickens, Chicken Cuts and Offals
USD 5  |
ZWL 125
  • Harare East

Fresh chicken products for sale

Zim AgroSolutions-Enriched Organic Fertilizers
USD 25  |
ZWL 625
  • Harare CBD

E.O.Fs are purely organic efficient fertilizers that come in three phases which are Enriched Organic Compound C - $30us Enriched Organic N Top. - $25us Enriched O...

Road Runner/Layers Fowl Run
USD 400  |
ZWL 9,600
  • Harare West

This design is specifically for road runners /layers as it comes with plenty hatch boxes on either side,roof,lockable door,snake proof fence,rough floor,delivered and installed in...

M24 Drowsy Hammer mill
USD 3,500  |
ZWL 84,000
  • Chinhoyi

M24 Drowsy Hammer mill in excellent condition

3 Storey Rabbit Cage
USD 250  |
ZWL 6,000
  • Harare West

This design is for those who want to do rabbits on a commercial rate,it has 3 floors and a sheet that prevents waste to go in the compartment under,we can make it to suit your desi...

Disc Filter 1 1/2
USD 100  |
ZWL 2,500
  • New
  • Harare East

130 Microns

Dried Kapenta 30KG Bag Wholesale - $195.00 USD
USD 195  |
ZWL 9,750
  • Harare CBD

Dried Kapenta 30KG bag from Mozambique. Wholsale prices in USD Call

Fiat 80-66 tractor
USD 10,000  |
ZWL 240,000
  • Chinhoyi

Fiat 80-66

8 Industrial Digital super Hatch Egg Incubators
USD 500  |
ZWL 20,000
  • Kadoma

Sheriff of high the High Court Sale in Execution 2 hatcher Incubators 2 setter Incubators 3 hatchers and setters Incubators Serial numbers SHL3689, SH13699, SH13669, SH1370,...

Tractor loader backhoe for hire
USD 45  |
ZWL 1,260 per hour
  • Harare North

Tractor loaders are essential pieces of equipment in construction. From loading trucks to transporting material they help make the process more efficient. Price quoted is dry -...

Wooden Chicken Run
USD 380  |
ZWL 9,120
  • Harare West

this is a 6mx3m Fowl Run ,treated ,lockable door and a thick snake proof fence please note that the slab and roof are separate charges not included in the above price

Root Fertiliser
USD 17  |
ZWL 425
  • Harare East

Greencon sells organic root growth enhancer . Elfer bioroot is especially made to stimulate growth of the root system to improve plant nutrient absorption capacity. It gives the pl...